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GensAce IMARS mini Smart Balance Charger

GensAce IMARS mini Smart Balance Charger

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The GensAce Imars Mini Smart Balance Charger is an easy to use charger that's perfect for new hobbyists or someone looking for a lightweight travel charger. This charger is incredibly compact and lightweight with a simple 2 button design.  This charger also includes Gens ace's G-Tech Smart Eco which allows for proper care of Gens ace smart batteries.

*An XT30M-XT60F adapter is required to charge batteries with an XT30 lead, such as the ones used for the Nightingale.

• G-Tech b
• Balance Charge and Storage Mode
• Smart Charge Current Control
• Lightweight - 64g
•USB-C power input

• Maximum Charging Voltage: 18V
• Maximum Charging Power: 60W
• Dimensions: 85 x 55 x 21mm
• Weight: 64g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gavin B.
Not Bad

Not what i was expecting! Very small charger and it does store and charge which is great for a 24$ charger. I didnt buy power supply and all of my usb c connectors had too low watts.. i found my Nintendo switch 33w charger and it finally worked! Pretty good, but i later got imars III which comes with discharge and cell balance so for 35$ more would reconmend.

This feedback is really helpful. In the future we plan only to offer the version WITH the power supply to avoid confusion. Thanks for shopping with us!

Andrew W.
Great Budget/Backup Charger

Works well, charged a 2200mAh 2s form storage to full in about 20 min. If you already have a smart USB-C charger, then this is probably the best bang for your buck that I am aware of!

Nathan (.A.
A Great Option For Momentum

Was looking for a lipo charger for my new 4s batteries to pair with my Momentum, and this little thing packs a punch! Very intuitive to use, compact, and affordable, the GensAce IMARS is worth every penny.