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OOD Ghost Springs

OOD Ghost Springs

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A ghost spring is a mod spring that does not have a specific blaster it is designed to go into.  We have not tested this spring for any specific blasters, but let us know if you find one that it works in.  This type of spring is great to have around to test in different blasters you want to upgrade.

• Ghost Spring 
• Small compression spring for springers
• Blaster compatibility unknown
• May haunt your blaster if installed

• 1 Ghost Spring (5 sizes available)

• Material: USA-made, zinc-coated spring-tempered steel
• Type: Compression Spring

Ghost Spring 1
     Spring Gauge: 1.2mm
     Length: 81mm
     Diameter: 15.7mm 
     Coils: 13
• Squared: Both Ends

Ghost Spring 2
• Dimensions:
     Spring Gauge: 1.4mm
     Length: 75.6mm
     Diameter: 16.6mm 
     Coils: 10
• Squared: Both Ends

Ghost spring 3
• Dimensions:
     Spring Gauge: 1.7mm
     Length: 94mm
     Diameter: 21.4mm 
     Coils: 11
• Squared: Both Ends

Ghost Spring 4
• Dimensions:
     Spring Gauge: 2.4mm
     Length: 105mm
     Diameter: 28.8mm
     Coils: 9
• Squared: Both Ends

Ghost Spring 5
• Dimensions:
     Spring Gauge: 2.2mm
     Length: 104mm
     Diameter: 28.7mm 
     Coils: 8
• Squared: Both Ends

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Customer Reviews

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Brell C.
Ghost Spring Labels

All of the ghost springs are pretty high quality. One of the springs actually works pretty well in some N-strike blasters. However, I can’t tell which spring is which because I ordered all 5 and they came packed together without any labels. Maybe put each spring in it’s own piece of paper with a label on it so we can tell them apart?