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GNB Worker 3s 550mAh LiPo pack (XT-30)

GNB Worker 3s 550mAh LiPo pack (XT-30)

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The GNB 550mAh  LiPo pack (XT-30 connector) is a perfect companion battery for the Worker Hurricane blaster and other blasters where it's small size is important.

*We recommend using an advanced charger for low capacity LiPo like this one.  The cells in low capacity LiPo have a tendency to get unbalanced with regular use, and a basic LiPo charger will not have the ability to re-balance the cells if the voltage is too far apart.

You absolutely MUST use a voltage alarm to operate these safely. Please read all care and use instructions for best practices concerning LiPO batteries. We carry voltage alarms for $3 on the shop, which will save you from ruining a battery. 

• Reliable Worker approved battery
• Compatible motor pairs include; All 130 3s motors.
• XT-30 mini connector
• Smallest 3s battery I sell
• 60x31x17mm

• 44A maximum continuous current draw
• 88A maximum burst current
• 3s
• 11.4v
• 80C Continuous
• 160C Burst
• 550mAh capacity
• XT-30 connector
Recommended Charger
 XT30 Connectors
 LiPo Voltage Alarm
 LiPo Safety Information
 Lipo Safety Bag

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

It's good. Works well in my modified stryfe.
As always Luke was fantastic and helped me figure out how to change it and how it all works. I'm still somewhat new to lipos so it's very helpful to have such amazing customer service.

--CD aka Captain Shotgun

Kieran D.
Great small 3s

Perfect for blasters with very little room for a battery, and quite affordable



Johnny C.
Luke is the man

I’ve never had customer service as top notch as I received from Out of darts. My package was lost during shipping O.O.D immediately sent my whole order out again. Very little correspondence for that to happen. Basically it’s the type of customer service you dream about. Thank you OOD I appreciate you. Cats like OOD are good for the hobby.

Squirtle P.
Works great on my woozi!

This battery is a perfect small companion to my woozi. I had to run some wire through the battery tray so the original battery wouldn't fit but this one is smaller so it works great. It also has plenty of current to work well.