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Hyper Mach-100 Mod Kit

Hyper Mach-100 Mod Kit

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The Hyper Mach-100 Rewire Kit includes all the parts you'll need to modify your Hyper Mach-100.

Battery, charger and LiPo alarm not included. 

Battery, charger and LiPo alarm are optional add-ons.  LiPo Battery add-on can only be shipped by ground to the continental USA.   All packages containing LiPo Batteries have longer delivery times. For more information visit our FAQ page.

At this time, we believe a 3s LiPo may ultimately destroy your motors. MOD AT YOUR OWN RISK! A 2s LiPo will last a long time and should be very reliable.
Switch mounting plate offers a convenient way to mount your firing switch inside the blaster. Simply glue this in place and you're good to go! We recommend going the traditional epoxy/glue route for the rev switch, due to the design of the inside of the blaster grip.

• Easy mounting of your firing trigger with our custom switch plate
• Simply glue in place with minimal interior shell trimming required
• Just add a LiPo, alarm and charger and you're good to go!

• 1x - 21A Genuine Omron Lever switch (rev trigger)
• 1x - 21A Tezuo Button switch (firing trigger)
• 1x - 16AWG Red precut silicone hobby wire
• 1x - 16AWG Black  precut silicone hobby wire
• 1x - 18AWG Yellow wire for motor braking circuit
• 1x -  XT-60 Connector (Male side only)
• 1x - Large Heat Shrink Wrap (Precut to 1")
• 1x - Small Heat Shrink Wrap (Precut to 1")
• 1x - Mach 100 3D Printed Switch Plate

• Material: 3D Printed PLA plastic
• SKU: Hyper Mach-100 Plate 
• Velocity on 3s: 145FPS
• Velocity on 2s: 120FPS

2s 850 mAh Tattu LiPo
3S 2200mAh LiPo Battery (NOT RECOMMENDED!!!!)
• LiPo Alarm
• Charger 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
John W.

Very good upgrade easy to install with the video mod guide

Doug M.S.W.
Hyper 100

Killer mod kit. Easy to install. Most of my buddies have since bought one for their blasters.

Robert K.
Made the mach 100 consistent

Kit was relatively easy to install using the ood video and it made my mach 100 fire super fast and reliable

Nicholas C.
One thing I would add.

I would add a voltage regulator to this mod kit, one that’s programmed to the 7.4ish Volts that the motors can handle. Other than that it all really easy to install with the YouTube video.

Josh M.
Perfect kit - as long as you watch the video

This thing boosted the power significantly above what the D batteries are capable of. The switches are so much nicer feeling than the stock ones. Installation was relatively easy thanks to the video. I took the additional step of cutting out a square near the agitator motor and gluing the lipo alarm there so voltage can be viewed without taking out the battery compartment screws - and because it just looks cool. I used a 3 pin cpu fan cable to extend the alarm/charging wire.