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OOD K26 0.08 x 11in Spring with Squared Ends

OOD K26 0.08 x 11in Spring with Squared Ends

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The K26 11in Spring is an infamous spring compatible with hundreds of blasters. These are identical to the ones from McMaster, except I have had these custom ordered and they have flat/squared-off ends for a better install experience. This means that even after cutting the spring, you will have one flat end, making installation easier!

• K26 spring
• Squared/flat ends for easier use

• 1 K26 Spring

Average FPS
• 195 FPS in a Caliburn C4 with a 0.527 x 14in barrel

• Material: USA-made spring-tempered steel
• Type Compression
• Dimensions:
     Spring Gauge: 2.0mm (0.08in)
     Length: 280mm (11in)
     Diameter: 21.4mm (0.844in)
     Coils: 36
• Squared: Both Ends

• Can it take a K26?
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Customer Reviews

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Martin T.
Lack of specification

I didn’t like how the title didn’t specify the diameter of the spring and the circumference is to wide for my blaster

Hi Martin,
Sorry for any confusion, the full specs for each spring are in every listing. The K26 is a very popular size spring, but it wont't fit every blaster.

Fromt the listing: (• Dimensions: 11in long / 0.844in OD / 0.08in wire).

Jan D.

Installed the K26 in a Bug a Salt 3. Great power, but I was expecting it to have more. I thought it would be more rigid and have a tougher prime load. But it’s great for tackling swarms of flies or roaches because of the ease of the pull back.

Jakob H.

K26 Spring 11" with square ends

Greg G.
It's a Tough Spring

Definitely a good length of spring for the price. I cut a section of it to put in my Firestrike, which now seems to fire a lot stronger, and I still have plenty of spring left to work with. It even came in a nice paper wrap, like a deli-fresh sandwich!

Jonathan S.
Very good spring

Shipping was quick as always good product and they custom cut it for me awesome