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Little Rocket Handheld Blaster

Little Rocket Handheld Blaster

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The Little Rocket is a 3D-printed handheld blaster designed and engineered by Tarik. It is an ultra-compact, minimalist springer with an innovative twist-lock breech that allows you to hot-swap to a variety of different ammo types and adapt to your game rules and playstyle. Add a versatile panic button to your pocket or dump pouch! Includes a short dart barrel with every purchase! 

• Handheld 3D-printed blaster
• Highly customizable to your preferred playstyle 
• Compact minimalist springer 
• Hot-swappable barrels can fire most major ammo types
• Handheld version, with knurling for extra grip

• 1 Little Rocket body + 3D parts
• Standard Trigger
• Ring priming rod

• 4 M3 square nuts (pre-installed),
• 4 M3 x 10mm socket head screws
1 16mm O-ring
• 1 23mm O-ring
1 flanged central screw
1 Trigger spring
1 Main spring
1 M3 x 12mm ball pin rod
1 clear plastic plunger tube (pre-installed)
• 1 short dart barrel in orange 

Average FPS (Standard Deviation)
• 95 FPS (1) with the low-power spring
• 113 FPS (6)
with the high-power spring

Check the photo gallery for Little Rocket Barrel compatibility

• Material: PLA 3D-Printed Plastic
• Dimensions: 
• Weight:

Little Rocket Manual
• Little Rocket Barrels
• Darts + Ammo

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We print primarily with Proto-Pasta HTPLA and PLA. Check out our full range of colors here.

3D printed parts should not be left inside hot cars or excessively hot environments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Edgar D.
A blaster that lives by its name!

Once again I'm late to the party but this thing is a Lil rocket. Great quality and awesome build.

Ezra A.
Very Fun

I got some Little Rockets for myself and some friends to play with. We had a huge blast just goofing around with each other.

Norman B.
Easy and Awesome

The little rocket was super easy to build and is super fun. Would highly recommend it!

Adam C.
High Quality Blaster

This blaster is 3d printed to a level beyond what I expected. The quality and design is superb. I expected it to be old elite performance but am getting far better performance that it should. Luke and crew thank you for doing something many businesses should learn, exceeding expectations in every aspect. The planet friendly packaging makes me respect all of you even more. God bless!

Justin L.
Great emergency blaster

The handheld is so great that I bought 2. I like the versatility of the system. Would recommend for those looking for a backup if you run dry. Whip out this and pop off a round or 3