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Little Rocket Priming Rods

Little Rocket Priming Rods

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The Little Rocket Priming Rods allow for customization of gameplay! The anchor rod is best suited for the mounted Little Rocket (Proud Papa), and the ring and paracord rods are great for all uses. 

• Highly customizable to your preferred playstyle 

• Multiple sizing options
• 3D printed
• PLA Plastic
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We print primarily with Proto-Pasta HTPLA and PLA. Check out our full range of colors here.

3D printed parts should not be left inside hot cars or excessively hot environments.

Customer Reviews

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All seem great!

There are definitely certain ones you want to use for whatever little rocket blaster you get. I got the might mama with the anchor, and I liked it so much! Since I like that so much I got the hand held little rocket (original), and that I ordered also with the anchor. That was a bad idea for my hand type. I got bigger chubbier hands and when I would fire the blaster the anchor would squish my hand no matter how I would hold it. So I ordered the paracord version of the prime rods and it's night and day. I love using it now and always have it in my pocket with a rival round for when I cross my tacti-cats, and no never to shoot at them they just love chasing the rival rounds around and is very entertaining watching them! If I were to get the proud papa, I'd do the anchor as it wouldn't be squishing my hand and be easier to prime. Hope this review helps!

Dylan G.
Great product

Fast shipping