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Little Rocket Silly Sister Mountable Blaster

Little Rocket Silly Sister Mountable Blaster

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The Little Rocket Silly Sister is a 3D-printed blaster designed and engineered by Tarik. It features the same maximized plunger volume and spring load as Mighty Mama with an angled foregrip top plate so it can be mounted in tighter spaces Crooked Cousin-style. With the larger plunger volume and the same twist-lock breech as before, you can hot-swap to an expanded variety of ammo types -- and with more power. Silly Sister can be held in the hand or mounted to any rail spec with the appropriate rail plate (includes the Picatinny rail plate). Add this versatile panic button to any primary blaster! Includes a short dart barrel with every purchase! 

• Mountable 3D-printed blaster 
• Highly customizable to your preferred playstyle
• Powerful minimalist springer
• Hot-swappable barrels can fire most major ammo types
• Included rail plate compatible with Picatinny rail
• Compatible with N-Strike and Rival rails with rail plates (sold separately)

• 1 Mighty Mama body + 3D parts
• 1 Silly Sister top plate
• 1 Standard Trigger
• 1 Anchor / T-Pull priming rod
8 M3 Square Nuts
• 8 M3 x 12mm socket head screws
1 16mm O-ring
• 2 Dash 123 O-rings
• 1 24mm Ball-pin Rod
1 Trigger spring
1 Main spring
1 M3 x 12mm ball pin rod
1 1.5in OD clear plastic plunger tube
• 2 M3 Hex Nut
• 2 M3 x 30mm hex Screws
• 1 short dart barrel in orange

Average FPS (Standard Deviation)
• 118 (3)
with the standard short dart barrel
140 (6) with the sniper barrel

Check the photo gallery for Little Rocket Barrel compatibility

• Material: PLA 3D-Printed Plastic
• Dimensions: 187 x 66 x 44mm
• Weight:

Mighty Mama Manual
• Little Rocket Barrels
• Darts + Ammo
• Rail Plates

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We print primarily with Proto-Pasta HTPLA and PLA. Check out our full range of colors here.

3D printed parts should not be left inside hot cars or excessively hot environments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
not easy enough to prime

I had mounted it in a forward grip style position and could barely prime it, and I own a mighty momma and don’t have a problem with it either, both prebuilt and I find not enough to be desired and this little guy

Kai H.
Well I feel pretty stupid XD

This blaster is very well constructed and works as advertised, but it’s only after buying one that I realize it’s simply too big to fit on any blaster I own with a bottom rail, so I can’t actually use it at all.

I think it would really help the product listing for the Little Rocket platform for the product pages to include a list of blasters each variant will fit on and is made in-mind for, so people will know what blasters they work with before buying.

Thanks for this great feedback! We'll try get compatibility and sizing added to our listings.


I recently got this for my birthday and love it. Perfect for my Perses load out.