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RedCowl Pro Longshot Barrel Collet

RedCowl Pro Longshot Barrel Collet

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The Pro Longshot Barrel Collet, designed by RedCowl, is an easy addition to your X-Shot Pro Longshot blaster. This 3D part replaces the front end of the X-Shot Longshot Pro, allowing for the use of longer barrels secured with an included collet or a PCAR compatible with the stock barrel.

• 3D-printed design by RedCowl 
• Easy install
Can be used for easy barrel swaps or to add a PCAR to the stock blaster
• Printed in Orange

• 1 Front end replacement
• 1 Barrel collet
• 1 PCAR compatible with stock barrel

• Material: 3D Printed Orange PLA plastic

Machined Kuryaka Barrel
Recommended Upgrade Spring

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We print primarily with Proto-Pasta HTPLA and PLA. Check out our full range of colors here.

3D printed parts should not be left inside hot cars or excessively hot environments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Eric S.
One small issue, but easy to fix

Worked pretty well. easier to tighten/loosen and switch out barrels. Only issue was it stuck out farther than the stock piece and my 40 cm kuryaka barrel didn't protrude quite enough for a Worker Scar barrel. Still, I just had to sand down the collet with a powersander and the SCAR fit fine. Cool product overall

Print quality and fit is great, but. . .

If you plan on using 35cm barrel and a scar or bcar, there might not be enough room. The collet is just a little long, or possibly could be made so it threads in more deeply to the base. I would just go straight to 40cm if you plan on using scar or bcar.

William L.
Perfect fit 👍

This is such a nice print and it fits perfect!

Works great.

Easy fit. Works great. Bought several more

Jordan C.
multi-use product

Why buy this? A few reasons come to mind:

a) you want to swap barrels on your XSLS quickly

b) you're happy with the stock barrel length and want to add a little spin without the (terrible) included SCAR barrel

c) you installed a longer barrel and want to secure it in place without gluing it to the internals of the blaster

and it looks pretty great on the blaster too.