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Roboman SLS Nylon Lynx Turnaround + Ram Set

Roboman SLS Nylon Lynx Turnaround + Ram Set

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The Roboman Automations SLS Nylon Lynx Turnaround + Ram Set is a high-quality plunger + turnaround upgrade from the standard FDM/FFF 3D-printed turnarounds for the Orion Blasters Lynx and its derivatives, Minx and Lonx. Featuring updated O-ring groove geometry and a fixed O-ring gland, these precision parts improve the functionality and reliability of your Lynx without the need for adjustment or tuning. 

• Upgrade Lynx Turnaround + Ram Set
• Improved turnaround O-ring grooves
• Fixed ram O-ring gland provides a tool-free seal
• 3D-Printed in SLS Nylon by Roboman Automations
• Compatible with Lynx, Minx, and Lonx blasters 

• 1 SLS Nylon Turnaround in your choice of version
• 1 SLS Nylon Ram*
• 1 Dash-123 X-ring
• 2 Dash 016 O-rings
• 1 7.5 x 3.0mm O-ring

*Installation of the Nylon ram uses the stock ram screws; new screws are not included.

Notes on Installation:
Plunger tube installation requires significant X-ring compression. You may need a small blunt probe, stylus, or spudger to gently work the X-ring into the tube. Make sure you do not press on the x-ring with sharp objects, or it may tear during installation. 
Barrel installation can also be a challenge. We find that it's easiest to press down firmly on the barrel with the turnaround resting on a firm, flat surface. Gentle taps with a soft-faced mallet may be necessary, but take care to avoid side-loading the parts.

• Material: SLS 3D-Printed Nylon
• Dimensions:
• Weight:

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