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MTB Honey Badger 130 2s Motor for Nerf Blasters

MTB Honey Badger 130 2s Motor for Nerf Blasters

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This higher RPM motor is a great pusher option on both 2s and 3s. Keep in mind this is rated for 2s, so running as a 3s pusher motor will decrease lifespan.

• Higher RPM than other nerf motors, making it a great pusher motor.

• MTB Honey Badger
• 43167 RPM (no-load speed)
• 1.11 amp no-load current
• 3.88 amp load current
• Stall Torque: 287 at 13.57A
• Price is per motor
• Shaft size: 2mm (smooth)

• Mounting Screws

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Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
J T.
Cheap and powerful

I overvolved these on 3s for a pusher in my Infinus build. Crazy rate of fire.

David Z.
Great for flamethrower builds

If you need an absolute flamethrower of a rapidstrike, this is the motor for you! Running on 2s or 3s you will be out of darts (:O) more often than not.

As a side note, the honeybadger will work well as 2s flywheel motors (even on full-auto builds), however I would not recommend using them for that. Their higher rpm is best used in a rapidstrike pusher for an insane rate of fire, but as flywheels they generate excessive noise and vibration. If you're going for an intimidation factor, this will work just fine, otherwise, get any other motor with lower RPM for flywheels.

Great motors

Put these in a motoblitz with daybreak cage and wheels, improved wires, but stock 4AA power, and get over 120 fps. Very happy, and great for a mild build.

Glendon P.
Solid motor, Perfect for ~100-110fps

Used 2 of these motors with FTW wheels for a custom mayfly, motors work great with both 2s and 3s lipos, ~100-110fps with 2s and ~130fps with 3s.

Paul N.-.D.
Great for micro-flywheels

I picked these up for a Dessert Pigeon build. The blaster uses FTW microwheels so I was looking for motors with good 3S performance. So far they are working very well.