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OOD Valkyrie 130 3s Motor for Nerf Blasters

OOD Valkyrie 130 3s Motor for Nerf Blasters

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This is a great, entry-level 3s 130 motor. It features our new slanted vent design. Mounting screws sold separately here

• 130 sized affordable 3s motor
• Ideal for low to mid crush applications
• great for HvZ or low fps/superstock wars
• Reliability on par with offerings from FoamBlast

• 35000 RPM
• 410 G CM Stall Torque
• 14 Amp Stall Current
• Ideal Voltage 11.1 Volts
• 130 Form Factor
• Price is per motor
• Shaft size: 2mm (smooth)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
alexander w.
Great product

Great little motor, i use them for slot cars instead of nerf guns though

Trouble with motor

While one of the motors a purchased rotates fine, the shafts of both motors move up and down. The motor with the shaft that moves the most does not spin the flywheels flat. Instead it makes the flywheel wobble around. I just noticed this after contacting OoD about the shafts moving up and down. While the up and down motion didn't seem like that big of a deal as i was told it wouldn't affect performance and was common with Valks and Meshiels, this new unsteady wobble is preventing me from putting together my first stryfe mod. I praise OoD for having such a great shop but this is really annoying me as I wanted to have this ready for a battle next week. I don't know what to do.


The speed wasn’t a huge improvement, but they were extremely reliable, and the speed recovered immediately after the dart went through the fired.

Matthias C.

For only 3 dollar's a motor these are awesome and i love how inexpensive they are as I am a budget baller but awesome motor 11/10.

Brell C.
Great for 3s Lipo builds on a budget

I use these on many lipo builds when I want something above 100 fps on a thin budget. Most stock wheels/cages will hit 100-110 fps on these motors with a max of about 160 using high crush set ups. Has enough torque and fast spin up for full auto as well. If you want MAX performance, buy krakens. If you want higher performance at a great price that is slightly below max, Valkyries are the way to go!

I used these on a Buzzbee Rebel mech recently with great results and also worked well as an upgraded pusher motor for the Dart Zone Destructor.