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OOD Valkyrie 130 3s Motor for Nerf Blasters

OOD Valkyrie 130 3s Motor for Nerf Blasters

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This is a great, entry-level 3s 130 motor. It features our new slanted vent design. Mounting screws sold separately here

• 130 sized affordable 3s motor
• Ideal for low to mid crush applications
• great for HvZ or low fps/superstock wars
• Reliability on par with offerings from FoamBlast

• 35000 RPM
• 410 G CM Stall Torque
• 14 Amp Stall Current
• Ideal Voltage 11.1 Volts
• 130 Form Factor
• Price is per motor
• Shaft size: 2mm (smooth)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Johann P.
Good motors

used these in my gryphon, getting a nice 120fps with a mid-crush setup

Jacob S.

These motors are quiet for how powerful they are. Very fairly priced as well.

Isaac P.

great motors good rev times little drop off with full out good fps

Clifton N.
Ignore Reddit delusions about amps

These numbers are for Valkyries in a stock Rapidstrike cage/wheels and pusher. Current and ROF are UNLOADED, so consider these minimum amps and max ROF figures. I'm not sure how accurate my power meter is for inrush current but it was consistent and only a fraction of a second anyway, so I'm posting it. In my testing the pusher never failed to retract on live center wiring.

3S measurements: Just holding the rev trigger surged to 7A and settled at 1.3A. With both triggers held, surge was 10A and settled to 1.75A. ROF was 9.9 darts per second and chrono was consistently around 120FPS. Feels a lot like Meishels on 2S

2S measurements: Rev trigger-only current was 5A settling to 0.9A. Holding both triggers, current fell from 7.33A to 1.25A. ROF was 7.1 darts and 105FPS. And BOY was it quieter - so much less annoying indoors! (the supposed irrelevance of noise is another reason to ignore Reddit)

Spin-up is about 1/4s on 3S and 1/3-1/2s on 2S. Not instant, but WAY better than stock, even on the same voltages.

Mike R.
Very easy install in a rapidstrike pusher

Fit snuggly as a replacement of the pusher motor in a Rapidstrike. Wire attachments on the back didn't get in the way when it was reassembled, just needed to have the wires soldered perpendicular to them.