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Nerf Rival Perses Comfort Trigger

Nerf Rival Perses Comfort Trigger

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The Nerf Rival Perses Comfort Trigger does exactly what it says; a massive improvement in trigger comfort. No more sharp trigger! There are two variants; one to be used with the stock blaster switches, and one that is compatible with our switch plates. If you are no upgrading your wiring, choose the 'stock' version, if you are upgrading to larger switches, choose the 'upgraded switches version.'

• Keep stock triggers and locks as desired.
• Stock variant 100% compatible without any blaster modification
• Drop-in replacement, no cutting or modification required

• Material: PLA Plastic
• Weight: 0.4oz
• 3D printed
• PLA Plastic in a wide range of colors

 Switch plate 
Rev Trigger (Compatible with upgraded switches only)
Perses Entry Level Mod Kit
Perses Ultimate Mod Kit
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We print primarily with Proto-Pasta HTPLA and PLA. Check out our full range of colors here.

3D printed parts should not be left inside hot cars or excessively hot environments.

Customer Reviews

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Jordan C.
Eh, can be a headache

I'm not sure if I received a bad print or the design is a little off -- I installed the trigger with Luke's video but have had some issues (like others) with a "sticky" trigger. I tried loosening/tightening a few of the shell screws to see if it's catching somewhere, but I don't know for sure if the problem is 100% fixed or not. I kept the OEM trigger and my next step is to compare them and make them the same, but i don't think I should have to do all that work for a "plug and play" part. I guess I could go back to the old trigger if all else fails. It feels nice, but not sure it's worth the effort.

Hi Jordan,

I'm sorry about the issues with your Perses Trigger! They occasionally require some lube or light sanding, but otherwise should be a relatively easy install. You may have received a defective print. Send us an email at and I'll get a replacement part shipped out to you.

Happy Modding,

OUT OF DARTS / Jessica

Super easy

So i didn't get only the trigger, i bought a sort of minimized perses mod kit (no lipo bits) and i gotta say. This was my first ever mod on an electric blaster and it was super easy, the tutorial from luke is very simple and easy to follow even though i have some minor gripes about it. If you want to mod, out of darts is definitely the site to go to.

Lucas L.
Great Part

It was super easy to out in and works great. Highly recommend.


Easy to install and love how this feels better than stock

Who doesn't...

like a comfortable trigger?! Would love to see cages and flywheels for some of the Rivals', pleasssssssssse!