Nerf Rival Perses Extended Hopper (PRINT FARM B-GRADE)
Nerf Rival Perses Extended Hopper (PRINT FARM B-GRADE)
Nerf Rival Perses Extended Hopper (PRINT FARM B-GRADE)
Nerf Rival Perses Extended Hopper (PRINT FARM B-GRADE)

Nerf Rival Perses Extended Hopper (PRINT FARM B-GRADE)

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Ever wonder what happens to 3D prints that aren't quite up to our standards? In the case of the hopper, we've been saving them for sale at a discounted price. This helps us recover print time/cost and gives the opportunity to purchase a hopper at a much lower price. These are IN STOCK and will ship immediately.

Looking for the standard top quality prints? Find them here.


This drop-in extended hopper for the Nerf Rival perses increases your ammo capacity, while maintaining a sleek look and feel to the blaster. All of the hoppers include a Galaxy Black 3d printed lid.

All magnetic lids are printed in Prusa Galaxy Black. If you prefer another color, then purchase separately in all colors here. Galaxy black is my personal choice as it looks fantastic on both RED and BLUE blasters!


• 160 rounds of total capacity (including bottom stock hopper)
• Paintball pod compatible
• Paintball speed load gate compatible (most brands)
• Drop-in replacement
• Sized exactly to snap in place on the hopper. Gluing is optional!

• Material: PLA Plastic
• Weight: 9oz
• 3D printed
 PLA Plastic in a wide range of colors

 Magnetic lid in 13 colors (order separately if you don't want galaxy black):
 Hex key for installation (2.5mm)
 Compatible FeedGate (Two options, higher and lower injection mold quality, identical performance): 
 Option 1 GenX Global
 Option 2 Exault V3
• Hopper Installation Guide:

• Overview of the Hopper:

• Nerf Rival Perses Mod Guide:



Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Eric S.
Good stuff

Needed a little modification to fit. But honestly a 3 minute trim and file session seems an easy trade off for the b grade. Fits great and makes the perses able to keep up in a marathon nerf battle.

Scott H.
Best Hunk of Plastic.

This was the best thing to get for the Perses. I had this blaster for probably 2 weeks so I figured out why Luke made this you need it to have good fun with the Perses. Great buy for 25 I did not find any imperfections in the 2 sections. The 2 halves shipped put together for me. Great job Luke.

Timothy K.
A must have for any rival perses!

Absolutely worth the money, turned my perses into an extremely powerful primary and the b grade really brings it to an unbeatable price point. Mine only has very minor and hardly noticeable gaps in the printing in a couple places (pictured) but those were to be expected and only cosmetic anyways. Couldn't recommend more, outstanding product.

Michael B.
Excellent! More like a B+ Grade.

Extended hopper overall is just awesome. Not only does it expand your capacity. It’s easier to load. The flaws in my “b” grade were difficult to spot at first. The worst was it appears the hinges did not print correctly in a couple spots. Other than that a few minor cosmetic blemishes.

Reviewer avatar
Paul S.
OOD "B-grade" is everyone else's "A-grade."

Hard to tell it's a "b-grade" print other than one small slightly bluish line in the white on one side which is hardly noticeable! Extremely happy with this hopper upgrade. Snapped on perfectly and works great!