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Stryfe Switch Mounting Plate 3D Printed (ideal trigger switch placement)

Stryfe Switch Mounting Plate 3D Printed (ideal trigger switch placement)

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After building dozens of Stryfes Luke decided to make a switch plate to make installation easier and more reliable. This 3D printed Stryfe Switch Mounting Plate is the final product designed specifically for the Nerf Stryfe. It allows for a very simple installation of the rev trigger.  This is designed for the 21A/15 Omron and clone switches that we carry and creates a very ideal trigger switch placement.

• Save time and epoxy!
• Extremely simple fit (because who HASN'T messed up a switch placement before)?
• Glue in place with any glue (super glue, hot glue, epoxy)
• Small amount of trimming required 

• Material: PLA Plastic
• 3D Printed

 21A Clone switch
 21A Genuine Omron Switch

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Customer Reviews

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Rick k.
Great item will make rewiring much easier

Great quality item if your looking at rewiring and putting in better switches it's a must have for the price

Cavan M.
One of the most useful items on the shop

This little plate saves you so much time and stress, as once you install it you can be sure it will stay in place! When I modified my Stryfe to take a 2s Lipo, this was the part I was glad I bought. It removes the need to Dremel, cut, hot glue, and fidget until your switch stays in place, which is definitely worth it. As is the standard for OutOfDarts, the print quality was solid, the installation was fast and easy, and I am very pleased with this product.

Highly recommend!

T.J. H.
Never/Havent used this piece yet.

I have Not had a chance or a use for this piece as of yet.

Kane D.

These are really useful, and for $2 it's better than using anything else

Steve C.
Did not receive

I received the other two items of my order, but not this one.