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Nitecore IMR 6.5A High-drain 14500 battery 2-pack (Best IMR's out there)

Nitecore IMR 6.5A High-drain 14500 battery 2-pack (Best IMR's out there)

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Simple, high quality IMR batteries. There are no better cells available! Don't use garbage cells that underperform and can be unsafe. Note, these batteries are unprotected, meaning it's up to you to monitor low voltage!

• Easy to use, just drop 2-3x in a stock stryfe and you've got an instant upgrade!
• Safer than LiPo chemistry
• Price is for two batteries
• This high-discharge performance Lithium Manganese IMR battery is NOT protected against over-charged, over-discharged or short-circuited. It is therefore very important to observe the following when using this product:
• DO NOT discharge at BELOW 2.75V
• DO NOT charge ABOVE 4.2V
• NEVER completely empty/drain the battery, it will be unusable afterwards.
• DO NOT short circuit (may release potentially hazardous current).

• 14500 size (AA size)
• 6.5A continuous current (highest on the market).
• Maximum continuous discharge current: 6.5A
• Capacity: 650mAh
• Voltage: 3.7V
• For High Drain devices

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Bruce C.
They add some ZIP to your blaster!

These work so well in my Ultra Focus I ordered another set and some AA to C adapters to equip my Ultra Select.

Trae L.
It’s got pep!

Didn’t want to get the kids anything to powerful but would have pep, so these IMR’s did the job!


Works like a cham

Julio S.
Great batteries

I'm happy with my battery purchase. I'm not gonna pretend to know much about lithium magnesium or unprotected batteries giving all the potential power to your device but I do know the quality of this brand and once again it didn't disappoint when put on the OPUS.

Excellent batteries for my Stryfe.

I originally bought 2 to start off with for my stock Stryfe. They delivered good performance on 7.4 volts with stock wiring. The batteries are 1-2 mm longer than a AA alkalines, so for this setup, I recommend putting the IMRs on the negative spring leads and dummy batteries on the positive plate leads for ease of removal.
When the Coronavirus hit and school closed for the foreseeable future, I decided to improve my Stryfe. I got 2 more IMRs and some Valkyrie 130s and rewired my Stryfe. I am currently running it on 3 IMRs. It’s a bit challenging to get the IMRs in, but they fit. I put the dummy battery on the top positive lead so it can be pried out as opposed to the IMR. It runs very well. Rev up time is very short and motor bog down is minimal. I recommend the Nitecore i2 charger as it won’t overcharge the batteries. My only problem with these batteries is the length issue, but it isn’t much of a problem.