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CheckYourVector NPC-9 Flycore Hardware Kit BETA

CheckYourVector NPC-9 Flycore Hardware Kit BETA

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The CheckYourVector NPC-9 is a customizable flywheel blaster based on the real-steel APC-9 using Old Fusion Designs' Flycore platform. This hardware kit includes all the necessary parts to print and assemble this blaster yourself. 3D files for the NPC-9 and Flycore platform are linked below.

*Note, this kit is a beta release and hasn't gone through our fully exhaustive testing yet. 

• NPC-9 Flycore Hardware Kit
• Customizable primary-class flywheeler
• Uses Flycore modular flywheel core platform
• Licensed and authorized by CheckYourVector

• 1 Flywheel pair of your choice
 2 Flywheel motors of your choice
• 1 N20 Gear Motor  or Neutron Solenoid
• 1 M3 x 8mm Cap Head Screw
• 4 M2 x 5mm Flywheel Cage Screw
• 6 M2.6x12mm Toy Screw
 1 M2.6x10mm Toy Screw
 16 M3 Brass Heat-Set Inserts
• 2 М3 x 20mm Hex Socket Head Screws
• 5 M3 x 12mm Hex Socket Head Screws
• 3 M3 x 8mm Hex Socket Head Screws
• 4 M3 x 6mm Hex Socket Head Screws
• 6 M3 x 10mm Button Head Screws
• 6 M3 x 10mm Hex Flat Head Screws
• 1 10A DB2 Microswitch with lever
• 2 21A Tezuo Microswitch Button
• 2 Springs (Mag Release/Trigger)
• 1 18 AWG Silicone Hobby wire
• 1 22 AWG Silicone Hobby wire
• 1  XT60 Connector Pair

Optional 1/2in x 1/8in Aluminum Flat Bar sold separately here

NPC-9 3D Files
Standard Talon Flycore 3D Files
Aluminum Flat Bar pair for stock (available soon)
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