OFP Gen 2 RAYVEN Flywheel Cage (CLOSEOUT)
OFP Gen 2 RAYVEN Flywheel Cage (CLOSEOUT)

OFP Gen 2 RAYVEN Flywheel Cage (CLOSEOUT)

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*NOTE: This product has been discontinued due to OFP leaving the hobby. We highly recommend Daybreak wheels and cages as a fantastic replacement.

Open Flywheel Project (OFP) is closing their shop so they won't be selling commercially anymore. All of these cages are currently a closeout item, once they sell out we won't be getting anymore.

This is a Rayven and Rayvenfire compatible cage designed by OFP. This is the Gen 2 design.  Featuring durable PLA 3d printed parts. Color may vary from the image shown. You will receive a random color based on what we have available in the 3d print shop.
There are multiple flywheel spacings available. I do not recommend the 41.5mm tighter spacing unless you are familiar with the project, or intend to use the Blue blaster parts wheels which are slightly smaller in diameter.

• Rayven and Rayvenfire compatible cage
• Upgrade flywheel cage
• Multiple motor spacings
• High quality printing
• Motor screws included
• Licensed through OFP

• 3D printed
• Material: PLA plastic

*Please note, there are so many options here that offering specific colors isn't feasible for production.

Customer Reviews

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Joshua L.
Couple minor issues, but nothing terrible.

Ordered a 43mm cage for my Rayvenfire. Print quality was good, but needed some more post print touch up. Some areas has loose fragments that needed to be removed (support material?).
Also, the cage did not initially fit my blaster, and I'm not 100% sure why. The cage fit the right side of the blaster fine (the side that holds all the internals), but did not align properly with the left side of the shell. I put the original cage back and everything fit fine. Eventually I used paint to determine where the cage was contacting the shell and sanded/cut/melted some of the cage to fit.
All in all there were no issues that caused any major delays, and I will continue to purchase from OOD, but it was an unexpected setback.

Justus C.
Works, but could be better

The item works, and it gets the job done, though the alignment for the barrel is a bit off. This could cause issues for the blaster with darts missing the barrel and jamming the wheels.
Otherwise, this does the job, and is the best in-expensive option for the Rayven on the market.

Etsy Review Perfect. Better than I thought it would be. Luke is also...

Perfect. Better than I thought it would be. Luke is also amazing at communicating with his customers.

Brandon F.
Etsy Review for OFP RAYVEN flywheel cage

Review has no content

Etsy Review Fast order processing, immediate updates, and traveled coast...

Fast order processing, immediate updates, and traveled coast to coast faster than expected. O.o.D.