OFP Gen 2 RAYVEN Flywheel Cage
OFP Gen 2 RAYVEN Flywheel Cage

OFP Gen 2 RAYVEN Flywheel Cage

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This is a Rayven and Rayvenfire compatible cage designed by OFP. This is the Gen 2 design.  Featuring durable PLA 3d printed parts. Color may vary from the image shown. You will receive a random color based on what we have available in the 3d print shop.
There are multiple flywheel spacings available. I do not recommend the 41.5mm tighter spacing unless you are familiar with the project, or intend to use the Blue blaster parts wheels which are slightly smaller in diameter.

• Rayven and Rayvenfire compatible cage
• Upgrade flywheel cage
• Multiple motor spacings
• High quality printing
• Motor screws included
• Licensed through OFP

• 3D printed
• Material: PLA plastic

*Please note, there are so many options here that offering specific colors isn't feasible for production.

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