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OOD Ceda Spring (Original Ceda)

OOD Ceda Spring (Original Ceda)

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This is an OOD-exclusive upgrade spring for your CEDA blaster. Please note this is not compatible with the new CEDA-S.  This spring is crafted of zinc-coated steel for added lightweight durability.

• Compatible with CEDA blaster (not compatible with CEDA-S

• 1 Ceda Spring

• Material: USA-made, zinc-coated, spring-tempered steel
• Type: Compression Spring
• Dimensions:
     Spring Gauge: 1.8mm?
     Length: 218mm
     Diameter: 14.5mm
     Coils: 29
• Squared: Both Ends
• Formerly rated: "17kg"
• Weight: 1.0oz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Connor G.
Works great

Works perfectly in my Ceda. The prime is significantly heavier, but the darts visibly move faster out of the barrel.

Thomas S.
OOD Ceda Spring (Original Ceda)

Bought this spring to upgrade my Ceda (NOT the model S), and this spring does not work. It doesn’t even fit. It’s twice as long and it doesn’t fit over the plunger stem. I’ll try this spring in something else. Guess I won’t be upgrading my original Ceda anytime soon. If your looking for an upgrade spring to your original Ceda, then keep looking. This is not it.

Eric B.J.
Better than turf ceda spring

I recently got a Gameface Prime and upgraded it with all worker metal inernals(silver power/w extended barrel, bolt sled, catch, &trigger) plus this spring. Description says not compatible with ceda s but I know it works with the gameface. No priming issues at all. Properly tuned hits between mid 230fps to mid 250fps depending on darts. Great spring upgrade and for the lower 200s I use my turf spring. I will look at 17/32 brass barrel in the future for more performance if needed. This spring is great.