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OOD Ghost Spring 2

OOD Ghost Spring 2

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A ghost spring is a mod spring that does not have a specific blaster it is designed to go into.  We have not tested this spring for any specific blasters, but let us know if you find one that it works in.  This type of spring is great to have around to test in different blasters that you want to do a spring upgrade in.

  Outer Diameter - 16.6mm
  Inner Diameter - 13.8mm
  Coil Diameter - 1.4mm
  Length - 75.6mm
  Number of Coils - 10
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Customer Reviews

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Brell C.
OOD Ghost Spring 2 is STRONG

I wish I had figured this out sonnet when I first ordered this spring when they first got it.

This spring is short, sturdy, and strong! This spring is great for small blasters that don’t have much draw. It really packs a punch in short draw.

I thrifted a weird green target shooting blaster from goodwill that had a plunger tube like a long shot and a catch like a toothpick. I put this spring in it bc K26 won’t fit. It hit 150 fps 10 times in a row and the catch broke.

This spring is a bit narrower than k26 with a tighter inner diameter. If you have a small blaster or any blaster with a thin but sturdy plunger rod, this spring can’t be beat.