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OOD Harrier Low Power Spring

OOD Harrier Low Power Spring

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This low-power spring is compatible with the Worker Harrier.  This custom spring was designed by us as an additional spring option for these blasters.

Harrier with 310mm barrel - FPS 144.5 SD 16.2

• Compatible with Harrier
• Alternative low Power spring option

• Dimensions: mm

Worker Harrier

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jordan C.

I don't have a chrono but it shoots a little softer than the stock spring. The Harrier is still an outdoor blaster no matter what spring is in it. I do notice it's a little less consistent but overall still very accurate. If you want to shoot less than 150 fps I'd get a nexus pro or something.

Dean N.
On the Money (Mostly)

The low-power spring was an absolutely necessary addition to my kit, as at least one recurring game I attend has an FPS cap of only 120. With the longer 440mm barrel and a SCAR it just barely manages to squeak under the limit... usually. Seemingly at random it would fire between 160 and 180 FPS, causing some significant concerns when I was prepping. It seemed to clear itself up after 60 or so rounds fired, but if yours seems to be firing too hot just put it through its paces until it's tired enough to comply.

David W.
Shot significantly harder than described.

I wanted a sub 150 fps spring but to my surprise, this spring shot around 170 fps with the shortest barrel