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Worker Harrier Blaster

Worker Harrier Blaster

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The Worker Harrier is a reliable and durable high-powered springer. Featuring sleek cosmetic styling and an extremely comfortable grip, this powerhouse primary short-dart blaster is ready to take straight to the field! Click through photos for the user manual/instructions.

• Brass inserts throughout
• Quick teardown pin system for easy upgrades and maintenance
• Various springs and barrels available
• New threaded barrel system for quick changes in your setup
• Highly customizable
• Standard talon-compatible magwell (10, 15, 18, Tachi)
• 5-round Harrier "Eagle" talon mag with decorative bumper pictured
• Did the Swift and the Nightingale have their first baby?

• Material: Injection molded ABS
• Dimensions: 31.75" Long with PCAR installed and Stock collapsed
• Weight: 3 lbs 6.2 oz (stock configuration of blaster only)

Compatible Short Dart Magazines
• 1.6 x 250mm Spring
• 1.6 x 300mm Spring

• 450mm Barrel 
• Worker Harrier Compatibility Guide

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Customer Reviews

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Great product! Item is strong and sturdy! Would highly recommend! Thanks.

David L.
Great blaster for Adults, not kids lol

This blaster is one of the best springers on the market at its price point and I see why. The prime with the heavy spring is very heavy. Rapid fire is pretty slow compared to other blasters. This thing is a beast for outdoor gameplay. It can be adjusted down for selective indoor use, just make sure you keep the small spring and shortest barrel. With the heavy spring, and second longest barrel, I've put darts through cardboard at indoor ranges.

One thing I didn't expect is that it does burn through darts. I found a huge difference in accuracy after just shooting Worker gen 2s more than twice through the Harrier. They start coming apart after three or four times through the blaster. That's maybe more a strike against the darts, but I think it's fair to say the Harrier is a little rough on darts. It's a laser rifle with fresh darts and a BCAR though.

I'm overall, very happy with this blaster!

Mathieu L.
The Worker Harrier Blaster is the best springer out there, period!

Also, Out of darts is the best hobby grade foam blaster shop out there, period!

Chad B.
Great shooter

No instructions on what the extra spring and parts are for, wish I knew what’s what

Jacob C.
What an advancement!

I hadn't done any foam flinging in about the last decade, since leaving college and HvZ running its course. Coming from both a home modded longshot, and the (at the time) groundbreaking elite rampage to something as sleek and professional as the harrier has been a delight.