'Proton Pack' Rival Hopper feed 20 balls/second!
'Proton Pack' Rival Hopper feed 20 balls/second!
'Proton Pack' Rival Hopper feed 20 balls/second!

'Proton Pack' Rival Hopper feed 20 balls/second!

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***BEFORE PURCHASING: Please read the entire listing to understand the requirements of the build***

Please note that since this product contains some larger, overnight prints this product can take 3-5 days to print and has a lead-time associated with it.  Pre-built Proton Packs can take 1-2 weeks.


The Proton Pack is a custom designed, 3D printed hopper feed that allows for 20+ rounds per second.  This is offered as a do-it-yourself kit, or a fully assembled and pre-soldered unit. 

The kit version requires soldering and assembly. Both versions will require a 3S Jupiter (containing 3S Kraken motors), or other Rival blaster such as the Perses, Zeus, Hera, Khaos (adapters sold separately). Standard Nerf Rival blasters will need to be rewired for a 3s battery to be compatible with the Proton Pack.

• High reliability, jam-free design. Thoroughly tested.
• Compatible with absolutely any Rival ammo including 3rd party ammo, and cheap knock-off rounds. Ammo not included.
• High power custom designed brushless blower with 40 mm/H2o of static pressure. Enough to feed your blaster 4+ feet vertically
• 3s Jupiter compatible (2s Jupiter Blasters can be converted to Kraken motors to be compatible)
• Simple circuit, easy to install! Simply plug the pack's XT-60 cable into your blasters battery XT-60 plug. A standard re-wire for 3s is all that's required.

• 20+ rounds/sec continuous ball feed
• 30+ rounds/sec 'burst' feed rate for first 50-60 shots (Note, fire rate is ultimately determined and limited by your blaster).
• Printed in PLA filament
• Battery tray dimensions: 137 x 49 x 25 (LxWxH)
• Dimensions of hopper unit without container: 8" X 4.75" x 4.5" (LxWxH)
• Dimensions of hopper unit with 1-gallon container: 14.5" x 4.75 x 5.5"
• Dimensions of 1-gallon container: 5.5" round, 10.5" height
• Dimension of hopper ring (size you would cut a container hole to attach to a flat plate): 4.75"

• 10x 3D printed parts: Hopper Body, Base Plate, Top Lid, Snorkel, Impeller, Custom Blower, Mounting ring, and Swiveling hose connector
• Custom PCB control board (features current detection and simplifies wiring!)
• 2205 Brushless blower motor
• 30A Brushless ESC
• 1 High quality, high torque 37D-sized all metal gear motor
• 20+ M3 stainless machine screws, square nuts.
• Pre-installed Brass inserts
• XT-60EM Mountable battery connector
• 7' of red and black 14AWG wire
• 4' of 1" hose
• 10 hose clips
• 2.5mm Allen key (batch #1 didn't include this)

• Rival compatible blaster re-wired with an XT-60 connector
• Hose adapter to your blaster (sold separately or optionally on this page)
• 3s Lipo Battery. We HIGHLY recommend the high quality 2700mAh pack that is listed ONLY on this listing. We will make other options available as we get them in. The Turnigy 1500mAh 35-70c pack is also compatible.
• Soldering iron, solder and basic tools (for DIY-KIT version)
• A relatively airtight container, bucket, etc. You can purchase the 1-gallon container on this listing. 

DUEL WIELDING: In order to duel wield the proton pack, you'll need two independent packs and blasters. While I did test a single unit that could feed two systems, the fire rate was cut approximately in half, so I thought it best to use two units, rather than reduce the fire rate by 50%. We do not recommend modifying the hopper to attempt a duel-wield out of a single pack, as the airflow on the fan will not be high enough to feed two reliably.

AMMO: All 'Rival' sized ammo types are compatible, ammo not included.

OPTIONAL ADD-ONS: (Discounted price just for this listing)
• Battery
• Charger + LiPo Bag + LiPo Alarm

 Jupiter blaster (3s required)
 Blaster side Adapters





Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Spencer D.

Proton pack with the Jupiter is so much fun to shoot.

Easy to assemble, and the video tutorial is great.
I have used official nerf rival, headshot, and dart zone ammo and they all work. BUT sort through you headshot and separate the harder balls they will jam you Jupiter!

Gerald M.
Perses Proton Pack

*The shipping was worry-free and fast.
*I purchased the completed kit (put together). No stress!
*Assembly was straightforward, the battery actually goes in the PP and not the blaster very simple.
* FPS average around 117, however due to the amount of ammo it puts out it creates a wall.

Nathan T.

Awesome Products and serrvice

Jorge S.
Spray machine

A powerhouse of delivering balls really well-built really looks nice great job

Jackie A.

Just got mine in the mail. I have had a jupiter 3s sitting on a shelf waiting watching and waiting for the day it could live up to its true potential. Today is that day. My ears were complaining about my smile being up in their space.
Thank you for all the work you put into this luke congratulations are in order for you and the team. Overall an amazing blaster at a very reasonable price given its featureset and performance. knowing this shots 10 a second and best nerf can do is 8 just kinda puts things into perspective. The future seems to be 3d custom blasters at least in the enthusiast space. There is even extra room in the battery compartment for a lipo alarm and the chonky one with the readout screen and 2 beepers at that. Cant wait to get this thing out to some games. Jupiter was meant to have a pac. The name is very accurate you do feel very much like a ghost buster while using it.