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Little Rocket Rail Adapters (Nerf N-Strike/Rival to Picatinny)

Little Rocket Rail Adapters (Nerf N-Strike/Rival to Picatinny)

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The Little Rocket Rail adapters convert either Nerf N-Strike or Rival Rails to standard Picatinny rail spec, allowing the use of Picatinny rail attachments on blasters without Picatinny. Designed with a friction fit without any hardware, these parts use the clamping force of the attachment to stay in place. These adapters were designed in conjunction with the Little Rocket platform to be able to mount Proud Papa and Crooked Cousin on stock blasters.

• 3D-printed tactical rail adapters
• Converts Nerf N-Strike or Rival rails to standard Picatinny
• No Hardware needed!
• Designed for use with Proud Papa and Crooked Cousin
• Compatible with select Picatinny sights and attachments

• 1 Rail Adapter set of your choice in Galactic Black

• Materials: PLA 3D-Printed Plastic
     Length 55mm
• Weight:

• Proud Papa
Crooked Cousin
Sights + Optics

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We print primarily with Proto-Pasta HTPLA and PLA. Check out our full range of colors here.

3D printed parts should not be left inside hot cars or excessively hot environments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jordan C.
Works surprisingly well

I bought and installed a couple versions of these to install real optics and picatinny stuff to nerf blasters. That was silly, so I repurposed them to see if they worked to make Dart Zone into picatinny with mixed success. The ultra-slim ones will crack if too much side pressure is put on them while installing.


They fit snugly enough that you can prime a Proud Papa with the strong spring without any slippage. Product does what it does and does it well. Like many printed parts you may find it to be awkwardly tight to start with, but gets better with use.

Tyler S.

They didn’t fit the bottom rail with my rival gun, so I clamped them on and heated them up, then they fit, but I still love them and now they fit all of my attachments

Collin M.
Great Little Adapters

Helps add a lot of versatility for any Picatinny mounted accessories you already have. Great idea, and unique solution for wide adaptability.

Mason K.
Its does the job

It works