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Rival Knockout Spring (125FPS)

Rival Knockout Spring (125FPS)

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This precut Rival Knockout from the K25 spring is the perfect upgrade mod for your blaster for greater speed and accuracy. This mod is not for young kids as you'll need to compress the spring a bit when installing in the plunger tube! You can lose the plastic pieces in the handle but everything else should stay where it's at; you only need to remove the plunger tube. Use a flat head screwdriver to remove the cover off the notches and be careful as it sits on a pretty tight fit. This spring has been custom cut and tested to fit the Rival Knockout blaster.

• Easy to Medium difficulty on installation
• One end will be flat/squared, the other will be a raw cut.
• Average 125 FPS

• Cut-to-Length Compression Spring,
• Material: Made in the USA of USA spring-tempered steel
• Dimensions: About 130mm Long, hand cut, flat on one end.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Pascal S.A.

I bought this spring expecting it to be reasonably powerful, and it ended up being so strong I had to cut a couple of coils off. Even after this, it was too powerful for the white cap at the bottom of the plunger tube. Unless you have the arm strength, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Thanks for the great feedback, I'm sure this will be helpful to future customers when deciding on this upgrade spring.

Isaac L.
Great Product and Service!

Great product. Great quality and great communication ordering it and picking it up. Putting the spring in is a tough job and I actually didn't succeed in doing so. The gun's components are plastic and I forgot a step which resulted in breakage of the blaster taking it apart because I wasn't careful enough so it was my fault in the end. But I cut the spring to fit into a Rival Kronos that needed an upgraded spring so it turned out great afterall.

Yehoshua L.
Too Long

The spring had to be cut down a bit for it to fit well. Also, the package appeared to have been relabeled. Not very happy with the effort. In the end it did work though.

We're sorry about any issues installing this spring. I'm not quite sure what you meant by 'the relabeled package.' These springs are cut in house and packaged in brown recycled paper, perhaps not the most polished packaging, but we try to minimize on waste when possible.

Adam M.
Almost good

I purchased a spring upgrade for my rival Knockout blaster. The spring was both too strong and too long. I had to trim the spring a couple of times so it would fit the cavity properly and not carry too much pressure for the priming system. In the end it worked, but after a lot of hassle and customization by me.


Bumped up my power on my rival pilot