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Rival Kronos Springs

Rival Kronos Springs

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This custom Rival Kronos spring has been manufactured and tested by the OOD team as a perfect upgrade mod for your blaster. This mod is not for young kids! You'll need fairly strong hands to prime this spring. This spring has been custom-built and tested to fit the Rival Kronos blaster with squared ends on both sides for easier installation.

• Compatible with Nerf Rival Kronos Blaster and Nerf N-Series Infinite Blaster
• Medium difficulty in installation
• Multiple FPS options available

1 Rival Kronos Spring

Average FPS

• Material: USA-made spring-tempered steel
• Type: Compression

135+ FPS "Strong-Prime"

• Dimensions:
    Spring Gauge: 2.1mm
    Length: 90mm
    Outer Diameter: 20mm
    Coils: 9
• Squared: Both Ends

120+ FPS "Easy-Prime"
     Spring Gauge: 2.0mm
     Length: 105mm
     Diameter: 24.6mm
     Coils: 10
• Squared: One end

120-125 FPS
     Spring Gauge: 1.8mm
     Length: 120mm
     Diameter: 20mm
     Coils: 11
• Squared: Both ends

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Customer Reviews

Based on 135 reviews

I LOVE it! It's definitely no joke! It hits like a truck and it's easy to install! The prime is definitely more difficult, but it's not too bad for me. Overall, I absolutely love it.

Those poor ****!!

I recently upgraded to this spring in my Kronos and let me tell you my friends weren't expecting this level of hurt on the battle field!!! Highly recommend!!!

As advertised, but not optimal

This spring is incredibly strong and does hit the advertised fps. However I wouldn’t recommend it for a couple reasons. The first is that they are not kidding when they say it takes a lot of strength to prime. Because of the length of the prime and the ergonomics of the Kronos, it takes significantly more effort than even a 300fps primary. The bigger issue however is that the fps seems to actually be too high to work with the hop up tab in the barrel. This means that the round will hit very hard and fast up until about 20 feet, before braking abruptly and veering in a random direction. You can remove the hop up tab prevent that, but the trajectory will not be as consistent. I believe there is also a 120fps spring available, so I would recommend going with that as a better fit for this blaster.

This is great feedback. We highly recommend our 14kg Kronos spring. It hits around 125FPS but it is much easier to prime. That said, this 'strong prime' spring is the hardest hitting option we have. We'd recommend trimming your hop-up slowly to reduce the hop-up effect.

Stuart R.
First mod success!

Easy to install with huge results!

Danny I.

Helped a lot