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SABRE Longshot Pro Metal Ram PRE-ORDER

SABRE Longshot Pro Metal Ram PRE-ORDER

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The SABRE Metal Ram is a replacement ramrod-pusher and transfer bar for the X-Shot Skins Pro Longshot. This part replaces the existing plastic ram with a more sturdy metal part that can withstand higher spring loads and with a smoother prime.

*This part is installed using the stock blaster's hardware.

• Sturdy metal construction
• Simple, drop-in replacement of the stock ram
• Gold anodized aluminum finish
• CNC machined aluminum for lightweight and durable ramrod-pusher
• Compatible with the X-Shot Skins Pro Longshot

• Material: Aluminum and Steel

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sebastien C.
Overall Pretty Good!

I’m pretty pleased with this thing. It was incredibly easy to figure out/install. It’s sturdy as **** and it operates pretty well. The only sub-optimal aspect is that given it’s smaller shape/lack of attachement to the ratcheting bar it has some wiggle room to move side to side a little rather than staying rigidly in line/in place. This means that when you pull the priming handle back, if you roll the blaster towards the left or right the pusher doesn’t always stay neatly in line with the breach and requires to be tilted over again to come back into place. A rare occurrence overall. Could be fixed by the guide slot having slightly longer prongs so that it connects consistently with the inside plastic rail of the blaster.

All said, I’ve got another one I’m looking forward to install in my partner’s blaster and I’ll likely buy more for my other builds.

Great idea!

the prime is much smoother and feels very sturdy compared to plastic ram. Combined with the metal catch and plunger, this thing takes spring upgrades easily hitting 220fps