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Sabre Harrier/Seagull Metal Priming Block

Sabre Harrier/Seagull Metal Priming Block

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This metal priming block by Sabre is a more durable replacement for the plastic one in the Seagull and Harrier.  It replaces one of few plastic internal parts in those blasters making them much more durable. Requires use of the stock pull down included with the blaster to function properly

*Not compatible with Worker bushing pull down.

• Durable metal replacement for the plastic priming block
• Designed by SABRE

• Material: Machined aluminum

• Worker Harrier
Worker Seagull

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Customer Reviews

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Tylor M.
Sabre metal priming block- Just buy it

Ordered this part mainly to replace the plastic lower picatinny rail used for stock priming as I wished to use real steel rail accessories at the priming rail. I was happy to learn this also helped to remove and wiggle or flex during priming even with a 1.6 spring, and the screws that mount the flatbars to the block can be thread locked very easily with this construction. A small trick with mine was to put two strips of electric tape on the outside of the white delrin priming bearing that fits in the block. This made it a near perfect press fit into the sabre block further helping to remedy any wobble.

Overall very happy with this product.


Notice to anyone interested in purchasing this part for their blaster. If you have purchased the Worker Harrier Plastic Bearing Pull Down Slide, know that it is not compatible with the SABRE Metal Priming Block. The inner diameter of the SABRE Metal Priming Block is too small to fit the Plastic Bearing Pull Down Slide. Definitely a bit disappointed, but I suppose that's what happens when you buy two separate aftermarket parts from two different companies.

Thanks for the feedback! We'll update the listing to make this much more clear. Please let us know if you'd like a no-cost return on either product since they weren't compatible and didn't work out for you.

Mark L.
Seagull Metal Priming Block

Product looked and functioned exactly as pictured and described. While this doesn't necessarily give you any performance gain, it's always nice to have parts that will indefinitely extend the life of your blaster. I'm sure the inner structure of the Seagull will wear out before this part does.