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Sillybutts Wildstyle Silly Shell Pistol Hardware Kit

Sillybutts Wildstyle Silly Shell Pistol Hardware Kit

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The Sillybutts Wildstyle Silly Shell Pistol is a compact blaster that takes Sillybutt's new versatile and durable 3D-printed shell standard. With a T-pull rear prime and shell-ejection lever, this is a perfect blaster to take out shield-bearers and special zombies at your next game. 

This hardware kit includes everything you need to print the 3D parts and assemble this blaster yourself (3D files available below). 

• Compact, versatile shell-fed springer pistol
• Print and build it yourself with our ready-to-go hardware kit
• Easy to build with Sillybutts' assembly guide (coming soon)
• Fire virtually any ammo type!
• Compatible with all currently available Silly Shells

Everything you need to print and assemble this blaster yourself!
1 1.5 x 4in Plunger Tube
• 1 4in K25 spring 
3 Dash 016 O-rings
2 Dash 123 O-rings
3 9657K644 spring
1 Shock pad
2 10-32 x 10in threaded rod
2 10-32 hex nut
2 10-32 acorn cap nut
1 10-32 x 2.5in pan head screw
15 4-40 x 3/8in flat head screw
6 M3 X 20mm socket head screw
1 M3 X 30mm socket head screw
1 2mL bottle Slug Slym

Average FPS (Standard Deviation)
• 20-shot average coming soon!

• Material:
• Dimensions: 
• Weight: 140g

3D files
Silly Shells

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