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Sillybutts SLAB Hardware kit

Sillybutts SLAB Hardware kit

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This kit includes all of the hardware needed to build a SLAB (Silly's Lever Action Blaster). The SLAB is one of the most fun blasters we have gotten our hands on in a while, with a unique design to match its fun use. Included in this kit is our remix of the Rod Cap with a heat-set brass insert for easier tuning.  This listing does not include the 3D parts required to build the blaster (STLs linked below).

• Smooth Lever Action Prime
• Stainless Steel 4-40 screws
• 4 spring options
• Designed by Sillybutts
• Licensed and Authorized by Sillybutts
• Includes Heat-set insert rod cap
• Includes 12 inch .527 Barrel

• Compatible Standard Talon Magazines
• Recommended Darts
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Customer Reviews

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Shannon S.

This is my first print on my Bambu Lab P1S (after a Benchy) and it came out perfect! The hardware kit has lots of extra parts and it's very easy to assemble. I flipped the side covers upside down on my textured plate and it adds a nice finish.


Built it pretty fast works nice I 3d printed my parts and hits nice and hard

Alexander B.
Excellent kit

I have built a SLAB blaster using this hardware kit and plastic details 3D printed at home together with my son. It was a lot of fun. The kit is reasonable priced, contains everything needed and each item in the kit is high quality one.

Khanh N.
Great kit, awesome blaster.

An awesome blaster that is kid friendly. I made this for my 9 years old son, very easy for him to prime, and while not the hardest hitting, it is the one blaster that he has the most fun playing with. This is the one blaster that prove its not always about the fps, its the fun that matter. Kit included everything needed and instructions were very easy to follow. One suggestion I would have is a set of written instruction to go along with the video one, I always find myself working better with written instruction then video.

Great work OOD team

I am not a "modder" and had never even heard of a Nerf gun before seeing a video online of the OOD team doing a product review. Your products made it all too easy to enjoy the next few weekends putting together 2 blasters (SLAB and Lynx) with the hardware and parts from your shop, including some heavy tip darts and a Talon magazine. Great work for making these sorts of products and hobbies easy to access and understand for all users. I cant say I'll be firing the blasters at anyone or anything, but printing and building these has been great fun, and I'll likely be back for more in the future.