Stryker Style Pentavictus SCAR (Nexus Pro / Stryker)
Stryker Style Pentavictus SCAR (Nexus Pro / Stryker)
Stryker Style Pentavictus SCAR (Nexus Pro / Stryker)

Stryker Style Pentavictus SCAR (Nexus Pro / Stryker)

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This SCAR barrel is stylized to look like the one included with the Max Stryker.  This Pentavictus Scar-like Barrel designed by Thanh increases accuracy by adding true rotation to your darts as the exit the barrel. No modification required, just slide in place of the stock muzzle/barrel tip.  Compatible with the Nexus Pro and Max Stryker.

• Compatible with Nexus Pro and Max Stryker
• Easy install just press into place, Do Not Twist
• Compatible with Nexus Pro Aeon Pro and Max Stryker
• Slide in place, install or remove in a second
• 5-10FPS performance decrease, with the increase in accuracy


• Material: 3D Printed PLA plastic
• Nexus Pro Tuning Cap
• Nexus Pro Skinny Breech

Customer Reviews

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Kevin D.

Tactical look and Improved accuracy

Braden H.

I love the look this muzzle gives my Nexus pro! Great quality and easy to install. Love OOD website and will be making future purchases.

Adam P.
Great cosmetic and utilitarian function!

I cant remember if I already wrote a review for this or not, so if I have I'll just say again this thing looks great and slows down your FPS, so adjust your tuning cap or spring for that in mind and it should work fine for you.

Looks good. Not great performance wise.

So I didn't buy this for function, I bought this for the looks because frankly I like suppressed things.

Looks nice, no visible seam on the top (or the bottom depending on your view, there is a visible mold seam on the reverse due to printing) and it gives a nice suppressed look to the Nexus Pro that I've mounted it on. I shoot mostly indoors so we do have a 100fps cap and I'm using the OOD spring cap reducer so that may factor into the equation, but using AF waffleheads, fakustrike shorts and even some of the AF bamboo shorts I'm getting weird dispersion patterns with some definite tumbling mid flight.

Which I guess is showing that it's sort of working but is giving me pretty poor dispersion pattern compared to stock, so I'm going to bore out the roughly one to two inch rifled segment. Aesthetics over function, but it fits pretty snugly with only a little play vs. the stock muzzle attachment which is all I want it for.

Devin W.
Great Looks, Meh Functionality

This SCAR is a fantastic visual addition to the Nexus Pro . . . that's about it. As other reviewers have noted, the accuracy seems to actually diminish, with many darts emerging at strange angles. It should be noted that the rifling is only down a small portion of the SCAR (maybe an inch, inch and a half) and it then widens out; I suspect some darts are bouncing around in this space before emerging. Stick with the in-box barrel.