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Thanh Stryker-Style Pentavictus 15-Degree 5-Line PCAR (Nexus Pro / Max Stryker)

Thanh Stryker-Style Pentavictus 15-Degree 5-Line PCAR (Nexus Pro / Max Stryker)

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Stryker-Style Pentavictus PCAR is a 3D-printed rifling attachment stylized to look like the decorative muzzle included with the Dart Zone Max Stryker. Designed by Thanh, this pentavictus PCAR increases accuracy by adding true rotation to your darts as they exit the barrel. No internal modification is required! Just friction fit in place of the stock decorative muzzle piece!

Since its release, this PCAR has been verified to be compatible with many other "Pro" or "Max" series blasters manufactured by Dart Zone, and even the X-Shot Pro Longshot!

• Penatvictus-style PCAR
• Designed to look like the Max Stryker's muzzle

• Easy install; just slide into place! (Do Not Twist)
• Compatible with Pro-level springers from Dart Zone, like the Nexus Pro
• 5-10 FPS performance decrease, with the increase in accuracy

• 1 Stryker-Style PCAR

• Twist Angle: 15-Degree
• Twist Rate: Progressive
 Lines: 5
Material: 3D-Printed PLA plastic

• Nexus Pro Tuning Cap
• Nexus Pro Skinny Breech
• More Rifling Attachments

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We print primarily with Proto-Pasta HTPLA and PLA. Check out our full range of colors here.

3D printed parts should not be left inside hot cars or excessively hot environments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Sebastien C.
Pretty Decent!

This was pretty much exactly what I wanted. Tightens up the accuracy on my Stryker, Dictator, and X-Longshot decently. The fit is a tad bit loose - seems to rely on small greebles printed outside the insert which can be worn off which is likely why they say not to twist, so be careful. That’s my only feedback, which can easily be solved with a bit of tape.

Lunuskaiath K.I.
If only it had a different diameter

Honestly, it was for trying to test a few ideas I had brewing in my mind, didn't really pan out, honestly only good for the blasters it's designed for. Again, nothinv against it, just my crazy idea didn't pan out, oh well.

Greater Precision & Accuracy at Reduced Range

This PCAR definitely provides greater precision and accuracy. Using my Max Stryker, the PCAR took my wild flying Nerf Elite darts at high FPS velocity and forced them to fly through the air straight as an arrow via a noticeable spin. However the range was reduced to about 45 feet shooting parallel to the ground. Same distance results when I used standard length Dart Zone ruby darts.

When I switched to half length ruby darts using the PCAR, I was able to hit a distance of 70 feet. For comparison, using the stock barrel attachment, I was able to get about 90 feet for standard length darts and over 100 feet for half length darts.

The improved accuracy allowed me to consistently hit soda can targets at 40 feet.

Patrick C.

Exactly what I was looking for, fit snug, increased accuracy. Wonderful product.

Jason F.
Really cool product!

I intended to use this for my Stryker I bought second hand that didn't have the barrel, but it'll still not have one because I put it on my Dictator instead! Looks cool overall and seems to work as intended