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Super Glue Maxi-Cure and Insta-Set (combo pack)

Super Glue Maxi-Cure and Insta-Set (combo pack)

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The Super Glue Maxi-Cure and Insta-Set combo pack includes a 1oz bottle of Maxi-Cure Superglue and a 2oz bottle of Insta-Set Spray (accelerator). 

Insta-Set Accelerator spray allows you to virtually instantly set super glue. We use this all the time when prototyping and we don't want to wait. This product allows the set time of super glue to be nearly instantaneous.  Glue then spray, or spray this on the opposite half of two parts to glue together when you don't want to wait.

• Spray Insta-Set to instantly set your superglue
• Use Maxi-Cure glue to glue just about anything

• 1oz bottle of Maxi-Cure superglue
• 2oz bottle of instant-set spray (accelerator)

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Customer Reviews

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Brell C.
The best non-epoxy adhesive

This is the best adhesive I have ever used short of something that is a 2-part epoxy. Has a light hold almost instantly but can still be moved if repositioning is necessary. The accelerator spray makes the adhesive bond instantly and is great for building multiple layers one at a time. Works very well on all plastics I have tested it on and the accelerator doubles as a plastic cleaning agent. Very thick consistency means easy control when applying.

Ricky K.
Etsy Review for Super Glue Maxi-Cure and Insta-Set (combo pack)

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