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T238 High Precision Bearing BCAR RGB Tracer for Nerf Darts ORANGE

T238 High Precision Bearing BCAR RGB Tracer for Nerf Darts ORANGE

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The T238 Precision Bearing BCAR RGB Tracer is the ultimate nighttime accessory. Featuring multi-color LED muzzle flash lighting, adds a flash of light to your springer when fired. Additionally, its UV LED will charge glow-in-the-dark darts! In addition to the lighting and glow features, this unit includes an integrated BCAR (Bearing Centering And Rifling) for improved accuracy.

Long press to turn on (color mode), UV mode, half-bright color mode, and turn off.

In color mode, short press selects your choice of color:
• Red
• Yellow
• Green
• Teal 
• Blue
• Magenta
• Pink
• Multi 1
• Multi 2

* The screws that hold the housing together walk out over time due to vibration from storage and use, be sure to tighten them once in a while!

*PHOTOSENSITIVITY WARNING: A small percentage of people may experience seizures when exposed to certain lights, patterns, or images, even with no history of epilepsy or seizures. This product produces a bright flash.

*Requires a USB B Micro cable for charging (not included)

• RGB Lights pulse during every shot
• Multiple color selection
• Internal UV light charges glow darts!
• Ultimate nighttime experience
• Integrated BCAR for improved accuracy!
• CNC Machined aluminum
• 1000's of shots per charge
• Low voltage cutoff
• Inactivity shutoff
• Internal lithium battery
• USB charging
• Fits 16mm OD barrels

• Material:
• Dimensions:
• Weight: 280 g

Worker HE Glow Darts (Best darts available for this unit!)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
mohd M.

Excellent product and fast shipment. Tq very much

Clifton H.
Works as intended.

Does everything it is supposed to. Good quality and craftmanship. Only drawback for me ist the color because i live in a country without the orange (or other) barrel tip and use it for LARP, so i needed to paint the tip for immersion reasons. Other then that i am very pleased!

Tan M.

Great product

Worked great!

The unit is very well made and functions very well! It was a major hit where i play for the simulated muzzle flash and being able to find your darts at night haha

The only issue i had was the screws that hold the light unit to the bcar became loose during play. This will cause the on button to stop working. OOD mentions checking the screws occasionally and so long as you do this the unit should function wonderfully!

Ed A.

This is an excellent product, the orange color is ideal on the end of the barrel. Great functions, the UV really energizes the darts and the simulated muzzle flash is incredible. Looks great on my new seagull. Accuracy is improved and is so much fun.