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Worker Short Darts 200-pack HE Standard Weight 1.0g (Glow Tip)

Worker Short Darts 200-pack HE Standard Weight 1.0g (Glow Tip)

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These Worker Short Darts in a 200-pack. The Gen3+ darts have a new glue for better durability in all blasters. This version includes tracer, glow in the dark, tips. In our testing these have been the best-in-class dart to beat and they are our standard for FPS testing here at Out of Darts. 

• Most accurate darts I've tested
• Glow in the dark tips
• SCAR barrel compatible
• Red color
• Gen3+ improved glue and new tip design for the best head retention
• Firmer foam than AF Pros

• Material: TPR and EVA
• Dimensions: 38x13mm
• SKU: W0620

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Blue B.
they work great! but the glow is underwhelming

they fire perfectly and none have broken or been deformed, but the glow tip is very minor and the only time i got a decent glow was after blasting them with a laser or flashlight, but still for the same price the little bit of glow you do get is great!

Anthony R.

Not sure if I received a bad batch, or if the glow tips are just awful in general, but these did not even function in my worker harrier.

Jesse H.
Amazing Darts

Bought these darts to go in a Gryphon I printed and assembled. Let me just say I was amazed. The accuracy and impact these darts made was insane. All at a price that made me not afraid to lose a few. Speaking of which they glow in the dark so after the sun set we walked outside with a UV flash light and found every one we thought we lost. Amazing product, amazing customer service, I will be buying more.

Edwin S.

Worker Short Darts 200-pack Gen3+ (Glow Tip)

Harry Z.
Great Darts

foam is firmer than AFP, and the glow tips are fun at night.