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Talon Claw 3 - Hardware Kit

Talon Claw 3 - Hardware Kit

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Take your blaster collection to a whole new level by adding this powerful Talon Claw 3 blaster from Captain Slug to your next game. This listing is only for the hardware, no 3D printed parts are included, but the STL files are linked down below. This hardware kit some with all of the hardware already cut-to-length and ready to assemble. 3D parts kits are available here.

This listing is for the classic threaded-rod version V3 of the Talon Claw.

*The parts in this kit are raw cut and may require minor cleanup to fit into your build.

• 4 Spring options
• 2 barrel options
• 110 - 195+ fps (depending on spring choice)
• Designed by Captain Slug
• Licensed and Authorized by the legendary Slug himself

• Material: Multiple

Talon Claw 3 Assembly Instructions
Talon Claw 3 STL Files

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel H.
Tallon xlaw

Not to happy with it. The hardware didn't come ready to go. The bolt arms didn't have taped holes so I had to go buy a tap and die set. Tap new threads in them and put bigger bolts in. I reached out to out of darts. But nothing. I finally got it all together. But the action of caulking the nurf blaster keep breaking the handle off. I don't think I would buy another kits from them.

We have reached out to you several times requesting images of the parts with issues and offered replacements to you with no reply. If you would like replacements for the nonfunctional parts, we would be happy to send them to you. Just reach out to us at