Talon Extra-Edge Mag Extender (+5 or +6 dart capacity)
Talon Extra-Edge Mag Extender (+5 or +6 dart capacity)
Talon Extra-Edge Mag Extender (+5 or +6 dart capacity)
Talon Extra-Edge Mag Extender (+5 or +6 dart capacity)

Talon Extra-Edge Mag Extender (+5 or +6 dart capacity)

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Designed by my friend Thanh, who is probably responsible for tagging me out more than anyone at North Bay Nerf Games back in California.

Give your Talons the extra competitive edge other Talons with this unique magazine bumper expands capacity to 20 or 21 rounds. Simply pop off your base plates, and very firmly press-fit on until you hear the one-way detent hooks click. This accessory continues the follower channel and spring compression cavity, lengthening Worker "15" round Talon mags for extra darts.

• Increases magazine capacity to 21 darts!
• Reuses the same stock compression spring
• Two options, +5 round and +6 rounds

• Material: PLA Plastic
• Weight: .5oz 
• Dimensions: 70mm in length
• 3D printed

 15 round talon magazines


Customer Reviews

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Tom M.

Talon Extra-Edge Mag Extender (+5 or +6 dart capacity)

Great product

Great product. Outstanding friction fit. To the person who felt the adaptor was too snug in my experience if you get any friction or experience any inconsistent feeding you probably have not fully attached the adapter. That leaves a small gap that you can’t see between the adapter and the mag. That will cause the spring or dart pushing components to hang up. You may need to re-seat the adapter. It takes a good deal of force (more than I initially thought) to get it to fully snap on. After that your mag should move as smoothly as ever. Great part, now that I know how to attach it properly.

Excellent Product!

Definitely worth the money
The product effectively increases your capacity by 33%, looks stylish to your loadout, and still works reliably.
Great way to increase your efficacy when playing especially as an assault/support gunner who goes trigger happy who runs around trying to collapse flanks, and for HVZ loadouts for better chances of survival in many combat situations.
15 times 6 plus 1 in the blaster is 115 for standard mags on my loadout with these it increases them to 140 with just a slight bulk increase with the same amount of reloads that it really is a solid option for any talon user. As an unexpected pro its actually easier in my case of using a flywheeler to pull the trigger on the swordfish more so than the standard talon due to less compression on the spring but still have the same reliability.


Unfortunately one of the shittiest products I’ve ever touched. This is why 3D printed products are garbo. If you enjoy talons that will no longer feed correctly since the adapter is so damn snug then this is the product for you!!!!

Great Accent While Adding Capacity

This is a great way (as Luke says in his video) to distinguish your magazines from others on the field - while also adding capacity. I went for the +6, because, why not... My 15 round mags will now comfortably hold 22 rounds without crushing the darts! That said, while they fit in the double mag holders found here on the shop - the flap BARELY closes. I might recommend the +5 extenders if you are looking to pair them with the double mag holders. I just ordered some triple mag holders - they were out of stock before - but I haven't had a chance to test them yet (the pocket is longer, but the flap appears shorter - so we will see). Either way, you won't be disappointed in these. I already have plans to order more in my next shipment. Of note - the Galaxy Black is real nice, but the Opal Green is my favorite color so far. PS: I did have one fail on install (of the six I have ordered so far). It broke open along a print line - they are 3D printed after all. I emailed the shop, and they shipped me a new one right away.