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Tattu R-line 850mAh 3S 130C LiPo (XT60)

Tattu R-line 850mAh 3S 130C LiPo (XT60)

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The Tattu R-line 850mAh 3S 130C LiPo is a lightweight lithium polymer battery pack. With its small size, 16 AWG wiring, and an XT60 connector, this battery is a perfect entry-level 3S LiPo for modded flywheelers like the OG Stryfe with an extended battery door and 3D-printed blasters like the OOD Jupiter.

• Mini-sized 3S Lithium Polymer battery
• Highest energy density and discharge for its size

• High-end Tattu R-Line guaranteed reliability
• Designed for modded blasters with small battery compartments,
• Compatible with OG Stryfe and OOD Jupiter
• Compatible with 3S motors like Krakens and Valkyries

• 1 850mAh 3S LiPo*

*A voltage alarm (not included) is required to use LiPo batteries safely. 

• Chemistry: Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
• Capacity: 850mAh
• Configuration: 3S1P (11.1V)

• Discharge Rate: 130C continuous; 260C burst
• Wiring: 16 AWG
• Connector: XT60 
• Dimensions: 60 x 30 x 19mm

Recommended Charger
LiPo Voltage Alarm
• LiPo Safety Bag
LiPo Safety Information

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect for a rewired stryfe!

Bought this battery and the large extended stryfe battery door from OOD - the perfect pair for a 3S rewire! The battery also fits inside my Rapidstrike battery tray with zero modification. Would gladly buy another!