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Worker 5kg Hammershot / Sweet Revenge Spring

Worker 5kg Hammershot / Sweet Revenge Spring

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The Worker The Worker Hammershot / Sweet Revenge 5kg Spring allows you to have better range in your Rebelle Sweet Revenge and Nerf Zombie Hammershot Blaster.

• 5KG rated spring
• Material: Stainless Steel
• Weight: 70g
•Average FPS with Air Restrictor 66
•Standard Deviation 7
•Average FPS without Air Restrictor 70
•Standard Deviation 4
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Works, but check your hammershots air seal too

The package arrived fairly quickly with no damages, and shipping cost was well-priced (costs can fluctuate over time and what orders consist of]

The spring itself does install and work fairly smoothly, although if you have weaker fingers the prime might be tiring after a couple dozen shots. I recommend greasing it up with SuperLube to make priming smoother and easier to use for extended shooting.
My biggest forewarning is that Hammershots are known to have inconsistent air seals, so check and improve on your hammershots air seals to get the most out of this spring. A bad air seal will reduce the performance increase with this spring or even negate it entirely. I was lucky my seal is solid, so with this spring + teflon tape layer under the o-ring for an even better seal + a generous amount of lubing for the plunger system + air restrictor removal I averaged 65-90fps with DZ Target “Chili” darts, whereas before it was usually 55-70fps. Side note make sure to pad your plunger if you remove your air restrictor especially since you’re using an upgraded spring

9/10 product
9/10 shipping costs/time and overall pricing

Great Spring

The spring works great in a hammershot! Easy to get in, and improves performance a lot!