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Worker Ammo Rival Rounds 100-Pack (NEW QUANTITY!)

Worker Ammo Rival Rounds 100-Pack (NEW QUANTITY!)

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Whether you're running around with Worker's Cheetah Blaster or one of the many offerings in the Nerf Rival line, these rounds from Worker are an easy addition to your next game. The Worker Ammo Rival Rounds are made out of a soft EVA material and feature a classic round shape and bright yellow coloring.  These come in a 100-pack


• Wide compatibility - Nerf Rival Blasters + Worker Cheetah
• Compatible with Proton Pack and Jupiter

• Quantity: 100-pack
• Material: Soft EVA Foam
• Dimensions: 22.7mm
• SKU: W0701

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Customer Reviews

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Worker Ammo Rival Rounds 100-Pack

As always, great quality products, great timely delivery, best customer service bar NONE! Keeps me coming back for more everytime! Thanks OOD


I like that they're a business trying to innovate I love to see that from a business but they sent my order to the wrong address thankfully I knew the person they sent it to and we resolved it

Packages are shipped to the address entered at checkout, and delivery is done by the postal carrier selected. Sometimes, orders are delivered to the incorrect address by the carrier, or auto-fill enters the incorrect address.

They come in sets of 6...

Good feeling rounds, but be warned if you're ordering multiples of these (we ordered 1600), they come individually wrapped in sets of 6 balls. It took about 8 people a good 10 minutes of ripping open the small plastic bags and dumping them in the bin to get the ammo ready for play. Would love for a bulk option of 100 to make the unwrapping not such a chore.

David C.
Great fix

Easy install onto the mags. Finally my brother can use his new mags.

Liam P.

I got the "Worker Cheetah" blaster from a friend. The gun came with 6 rounds, all of which worked better than name brand rounds. Great service!