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Worker Cheetah 2.0 Short Dart Blaster 200FPS!

Worker Cheetah 2.0 Short Dart Blaster 200FPS!

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The Cheetah 2.0 Blaster is a small blaster that packs a PUNCH! Unlike the original Cheetah, the 2.0 fires short darts! It also features a pistol style design, with a durable springer construction and PC plastic molding, but comes with more features than the original. The Cheetah 2.0 includes the Cheetah upgrade spring pre-installed. 

Some of these blasters arrived from the manufacturer inside of the Cheetah 1.0 packaging. Rest assured the contents have been double checked by our team and do in fact contain the Cheetah 2.0 despite what the image may seem.

PLEASE NOTE: Blasters can only be shipped to customers within the United States and Canada, we are no longer able to ship blasters to international customers.

• Comes with a 15-round short dart Talon magazine
• Tactical rails that allow you to attach a sling or sight
• Up to 200FPS, 191FPS average out of the box (20 shot average)

• Material: Precision PC
• Dimensions: 455 x 250 x 52mm
• Weight: 469 g
• SKU: W0548 

 Original Cheetah Blaster
• Talon 15-round Magazines
Tachi Magazines

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
James G.
Broke on me 🫤

When I was using the blaster not only the 3D printed piece break so did the charging handle. 🥲

Ethan L.
Awsome in theory but not practical

I got this blaster soon after it first came out and I liked it at first. High Fps, pretty darn accurate, and cheap! It did take me a minute to figure out the assembly but I got it done in 30 minutes or so. However, after using at NTNCs meetup I had serious regrets. the loading/feeding system is not at all practical and the little orange spring piece fell out while I was playing and got lost. I ended up just using a different blaster and have never used the cheetah 2.0 in a war since. I gave it an extra star because it is pretty nice for target practice/plinking.

Zion B.
Awesome blaster 10/10

This blaster was exactly what I was looking for. High fps but still low enough for most fps caps, affordable price, and from a source I already trust. Package came a day earlier than expected. It was very easy to put together thought this would take longer but only about 10 minutes. I combined it with the Detroit darts one pull kit and it is easily my favorite dart blaster that I currently own. I still haven’t gotten the chance to try it out at a large nerf war but at small scrimmages and target practice it works great.

P.S. This is the cheapest I have found this blaster going for across all my research only 40$.

Michael N.
Awesome and so flawed

I really want to love this thing. Forward mag, talon only, all metal barrel, and even a scar...but could never take this to a war. Other than an obnoxious loading process(the necessity for which, I understand), there is a stupid piece of tape holding the barrel slide in place. Every single time you slide that barrel, the tape moves. You get about 20 shots before you have to COMPLETELY disassemble the blaster and slide the tape back, only for it to happen again. I have owned three of these blasters and all three have had this problem. If anyone has a fix, please tell me. I want this to be my long-range springer secondary so bad...but I just can't deal with the stupid tape.

Cheetah review

Overall, the blaster was VERY powerful, but the assembly was HARDDDDD. It took me an hour (roughly) to set it up because I did it by myself. If it wasn't for my friend, I wouldn't have figured it out. The blaster shot 200 feet easily and it was very fun to use. I shot myself on my leg and it stung like a bi..h

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