Worker Cheetah 2.0 Short Dart Blaster 200FPS!
Worker Cheetah 2.0 Short Dart Blaster 200FPS!
Worker Cheetah 2.0 Short Dart Blaster 200FPS!
Worker Cheetah 2.0 Short Dart Blaster 200FPS!
Worker Cheetah 2.0 Short Dart Blaster 200FPS!

Worker Cheetah 2.0 Short Dart Blaster 200FPS!

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The Cheetah 2.0 Blaster is a small blaster that packs a PUNCH! Unlike the original Cheetah, the 2.0 fires short darts! It also features a pistol style design, with a durable springer construction and PC plastic molding, but comes with more features than the original. The Cheetah 2.0 includes the Cheetah upgrade spring pre-installed. 

Please note some of these blasters arrived from the manufacturer inside of the Cheetah 1.0 packaging. Rest assured the contents have been double checked by our team and do in fact contain the Cheetah 2.0 despite what the image may seem.

• Comes with a 15-round short dart Talon magazine
• Tactical rails that allow you to attach a sling or sight
• Up to 200FPS, 191FPS average out of the box (20 shot average)

• Material: Precision PC
• Dimensions: 455 x 250 x 52mm
• Weight: 469 g
• SKU: W0548 

 Original Cheetah Blaster
• Talon 15-round Magazines
Tachi Magazines

Customer Reviews

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Cheetah review

Overall, the blaster was VERY powerful, but the assembly was HARDDDDD. It took me an hour (roughly) to set it up because I did it by myself. If it wasn't for my friend, I wouldn't have figured it out. The blaster shot 200 feet easily and it was very fun to use. I shot myself on my leg and it stung like a bi..h

Thanks for reading!

Spencer D.
Great target blaster

Shoots fast and tight. I use dart zone pro darts for best groupings, only tested to 50 feet so far.

Also push the orange bushing on the barrel when assembling until you have enough room to load the next dart then you will be good to go!


it hits hard and accurute but the assembly was a bit of pain im having problems with the mag feeding after each shot as if the barrel doesn't open far enough for the next bullet to feed properly other then the assembly and mag feeding its a good blaster

Overall good, some issues.

High fps, perfect air seal, and good accuracy. At 193 fps and 40 dollars, it’s hard to beat. I did have some issues though with the mag release sticking, and the overall release of mags being up to chance. Some would fall out at the flick of my wrist while some would require lots of effort. After repeated priming, the plastic around the priming rod has worn down into a little gash about 2mm deep. Even though it has some issues, I would recommend this to anyone getting into high performance nerf. Being forty dollars instead of the 300 dollars you can pay for a 200 fps blaster. Do be aware if you are getting a nerf blaster for fun reloading too, this may not be the one.

Kaelon P.

Could have been designed better for how the darts feed in and in putting this together I broke one of the tabs that is supposed to push on the darts, and now I can't get the broken piece out