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Worker Full-auto kit for Dominator and Swordfish (with PWM)

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The Worker Full-auto kit contains everything you will need to make your Worker Dominator or Swordfish fully automatic. This kit contains all the supplies necessary to complete the mod aside from the double, or triple flywheel upgrade.  Installation required. Kit contains 23 total pieces plus instructions  (Trigger, push rod, 4x microswitches, an adjustable power step-down module, an automatic speed box, hobby wire, 2x fixed speed box, screws, springs)

• Make your Dominator/Swordfish fully automatic!
• Mod Required
• Compatible with Dominator Blaster
• Blaster not included
• Includes two PWM for flywheel and pusher motor speed control

• Material:18AWG line, 130 motor, PA component, 3D fastener
• Weight:186g

• SKU: W0345

 Dominator Blaster Shell
 Swordfish Blaster Shell