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Worker Metal Breech for Swift Blaster

Worker Metal Breech for Swift Blaster

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Upgrade your blaster's durability with this metal breech from Worker. The Worker Metal Breech for Swift features an upgraded metal connector for improved precision with a durable metal construction and CNC finishing.  

• CNC Finishing Technology
• Upgraded metal connector
• Metal construction that's both durable and non-deformable

• Material: Metal
• Dimensions: 16 x 9 x 5mm
• Weight: 19g
• SKU: W0575

Swift Blaster

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Michael S.
Metal Breech for Worker Swift

Great product. I had wanted the Swift a while and when it went on a great sale I knew of the upgrades such as the metal breech to override the plastic OE with the blaster. Easy to install and no problems whatsoever. Many thanks Luke and team. I am not a competitor on the field but I do take the equipment I get seriously so I have consistent performance whether just random tags to serious competitive target practice testing various short dart types.

Jacob P.
Worker Metal Breech - A must have upgrade!!

Very easy to install. I wish the swift came with this from the factory, but at least the option to upgrade it is there. Very nice piece that ensures confidence when **** and unscrewing your barrel's set ****.

The only potential issue I could see with this is having the set **** back out since it's metal **** into metal. So if you have the setup you plan to keep, loctite may be your friend.


Great quality and fit.

Cameron G.
Worker swift breech

Very helpful, fixed the occasional jamming I was having with old beech.

John J.
Metal breech is a must!

I’m glad I purchased and had in hand right before the gun arrived. The original plastic breech snapped after the first shot, using factory spring and barrel. The metal breech solved the problem and eliminates any fear of future breakage.