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Worker Nerf Simple Extension Stock (multiple colors)

Worker Nerf Simple Extension Stock (multiple colors)

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The Worker Nerf Simple Extension Stock offers a super solid design that is available in three colors.  The extendable design allows you to customize your ideal length.  Compatible with most Nerf N-Stike Elite Series and Modulus Blasters.

• 3 Color Options
• Adjustable length for comfort
• Expanded room for prophecy plunger inside tube

• Material: ABS Plastic + Stainless Steel
• Weight: 500g
• SKU: W0208
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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Worker extension stock

Items arrived in a very timely manner and were as described lol

J. D.
Solid stock

Its a nice stock. Adds some back wight to my Aeon pro.

Petro R.
Great product with one minor tweak.

Really nice stock that complements the Nerf Pro Stryfe X. Having the ability to shoulder the blaster just makes the shooting experience better. It does add a bit of weight, but that's not really a concern depending on the shooter.

One minor flaw I did experience was the **** on the metal rod that prevents the rod from coming out did interfere with the last setting on the length adjustment. I bought two of these stocks and on one, given enough force would lock at the last setting, but on the other stock I had to dremel out the hole just a tiny bit to get it to lock out.

Thanks os much for the feedback, this type of information helps out future customers and our own knowledge base here at the shop!

laurad 1.
worker stock

an excellent stock very well made plus added bonus u can use it as a power stock


Love this stock its solid and fits a adult great and I put it on a stryfe