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Worker Nexus Pro Compatible Pump Grip

Worker Nexus Pro Compatible Pump Grip

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You really can't go wrong with the Nexus Pro Blaster from Adventure Force, but if that stock grip isn't quite what you are looking for then this pump grip from Worker might be the answer. The Worker Nexus Pro Compatible Pump Grip is made out of a durable PLA 3D printed plastic with a comfortable, more ergonomic feel and features added knurling for increased grip strength.

• Makes the blaster easier to prime
• Ergonomic feel

• Material: PLA
• Dimensions: 105x70x65mm
• Weight: 93g
• SKU: F0449

 Adventure Force Nexus Pro Blaster
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

The grip didn't come with screws or bolts

Blake A.
Very comfortable

I actually got this for my max stryker because the original pump grip is too small and with just a bit of sanding this was a perfect fit I actually put it on backwards by accident but because of how it was made it now keeps the original looking v cut at the front and there is plenty of prime space without smashing any fingers or anything very comfortable to play with

Daniel R.
Good Stuff

You've honestly got too much good I have a Crooked cousin which I had screwed on too tight and broke a piece of. When I asked to purchase a replacement I also placed on order for a different grip on the Nexus Pro. You sent me the replacement for free, and now I keep flopping back and forth between the grip and the Crooked Cousin. I will probably end up buying a second Nexus pro just to have the two grips to switch between more easily.
So again, you just have too much GREAT stuff.

Brandon C.

This grip makes using the nexus pro a delight! Does add a little weight to the front but grip is comfortable and even with the 175fps spring adapter it feels way smother than the stock grip. Another great design from out of darts. Now I need to find one similar for my Max Stryker.

Brandon C.
Love it!

So easy to install! So comfortable to use!