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Worker Nightingale Blaster

Worker Nightingale Blaster

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PLEASE NOTE: Blasters can only be shipped to customers within the United States and Canada, we are no longer able to ship blasters to international customers.

*Do not use hard tipped or wide head darts with this blaster 

The Nightingale Blaster is a new offering from Worker in a small size ideal as a secondary blaster during gameplay. This blaster fires short darts and features a new magazine style, a mini angled talon magazine.  Not compatible with standard slated/angled talon magazines. On a 3s XT30 LiPo, the blaster averages 90 FPS for the low power variant and 110 FPS in high power variant. Battery sold separately recommendations linked below. Our Tattu 450 LiPo is the recommended LiPo as it is XT30 compatible and fits an alarm as well. Check out our blaster review below for more details! 

• Includes new mini slanted 15-round talon mag
• Not compatible with standard talon mags
• Includes 10 darts

• Material: Precision PC

• Recommended LiPo 
Alternative LiPo (tighter fit)
Nightingale Mini Slanted Mags
Worker Nightingale Stainless Thumbscrew
Recommended Darts

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Collin M.
SUPER Fun Blaster!

I don't have many motorized blasters, I generally prefer springers, but I had to have this, and I regret nothing! This little guy is a powerhouse, and crazy added bonus of not having to pull a rev switch and the trigger. Kind of loud, but I got the high speed one, and knew what I was getting into, ha ha. Overall, it functions perfectly, is crazy fun, very accurate, hits like a champ, and I love it. Highly recommended! Love this, and the OOD team!

Mirena N.

Excellent customer service

Nick C.

I bought this for my son as a Christmas present. I need one!!! Such a fun little blaster. I bought the higher speed model, two batteries, and the top rail for a red dot. I can’t recommend this blaster enough. Buy one!

Alan j.
#1 in office warfare

"OMG what's that sound?!!!!??!?!"

"It's the sound of 15 darts raining down in your cubicle Geoffrey"

Yes this blaster has truly titled the tides of my office warfare. Yes I could have taken in my talon claw or Nexus Pro, this blaster delivers the hits at appropriate FPS for indoor battles. And it's small enough to conceal to tage your boss after a meeting

Thanks Out of Darts Team!

Adam P.
My first Lipo Blaster!

I had a few mixups ordering one of these, ended up with the low powered version which I loved so much I decided to not return it, but keep it and get a second, higher powered version! Unfortunately, the higher powered one failed catastrophically during its first magazine fire, but the good folks at Out Of Darts helped me out and sent me a replacement very quickly! Overall despite my own faults, this is an amazing blaster, and everyone who I've showed it to who holds it and fires it loves it, from all ages!