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JIKEY RTD3 550mAh 4S 80C LiPo (XT30)

JIKEY RTD3 550mAh 4S 80C LiPo (XT30)

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The JIKEY RTD3 550mAh 4S 80C LiPo is a lightweight lithium polymer battery pack sourced by Worker for the Nightingale 2.0. With its small size and an XT30 connector, this battery is a perfect 4S LiPo for small, thin compartments like the buffer tube battery stock of Inverted Scales and the AA-sized compartment of the Dart Zone Pro MK-3. 

• Mini-sized 4S Lithium Polymer battery
• High energy density and discharge for its size

• JIKEY Made, Worker-Approved reliability
• Sourced for Worker Nightingale 2.0 
• Compatible with select other 4S blasters

• 1 550mAh 4S LiPo*

*A voltage alarm (not included) is required to use LiPo batteries safely. 

We recommend using an advanced charger for lower-capacity LiPos. The cells in lower-capacity LiPos tend to unbalance themselves with regular use, and basic LiPo chargers cannot re-balance the cells if the voltage is too far apart.

• Chemistry: Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
• Capacity: 5500mAh
• Configuration: 4S1P (14.8V)

• Discharge Rate: 80C continuous; 160C burst
• Wiring: 18 AWG
• Connector: XT30 
• Dimensions: 60 x 32 x 20mm
• SKU: 3W-LD-009

Recommended Charger
• XT30 Charging Adapter
LiPo Voltage Alarm
• LiPo Safety Bag
LiPo Safety Information

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