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Worker Injection-Molded PCAR for Short Darts (Retaliator / Prophecy)

Worker Injection-Molded PCAR for Short Darts (Retaliator / Prophecy)

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The Worker Injection-Molded PCAR for Short Darts is a basic 4-line rifling attachment that is included with many of Worker's short dart springers. It is made of injection-molded ABS; its smoother lines increase accuracy while reducing friction and performance loss. Originally designed for the Nerf Retaliator and Worker Prophecy P Short Dart Set, this PCAR is compatible with most 16mm outer diameter exposed metal barrels. It is also compatible with Worker's 19mm diameter decorative front muzzles.

• 4-line Injection-Molded PCAR
• Compatible with Nerf Retaliator with Worker Prophecy P Short Dart Set
• Also compatible with 16mm OD metal barrels
• Compatible with Worker 19mm decorative front muzzles

• Material: Injection-Molded Plastic (no strings)
• Weight: 15g
• SKU: W0254 
• Dimensions: 16mm ID; 19mm OD

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
J. D.
Works good

I was skeptical at first but it really did help with accuracy.

Lucas F.
Great quality item for a good price!

Everything about this item that was stated in the shop description held up; great durability, a tight fit onto the barrel of my Stryker while still being easily removable and the noticeable increase in accuracy made this worth it! The only thing I have against it is that it didn’t have an option to get both it and the barrel shroud for the Stryker in a set rather I have to order both individually. An otherwise perfect product for people who are looking for an affordable accuracy bump!

Jonathan S.
Great scar

Work perfectly with fast shipping thanks

Thanks for taking the time to write a review. Did you intend to leave a 1-star? Your review sounded positive, so we're guessing this might have been a mistake.

Oscar S.

Worker Scar-like Barrel Tube for Short Darts (Retaliator / Prophecy)


Bought to use with my Mk 1.2, fits into it really nicely, and when I first installed the Scar it was relatively easy to pull out of the blaster. Helps a good amount with accuracy like advertised. unfortunately, now with the Scar barrel being in the blaster for about 1 week, its almost entirely stuck. Scar barrel also fits in Xshot longshot