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Worker Injection-Molded PCAR for Short Darts (Retaliator / Prophecy)

Worker Injection-Molded PCAR for Short Darts (Retaliator / Prophecy)

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The Worker Injection-Molded PCAR for Short Darts is a basic 4-line rifling attachment that is included with many of Worker's short dart springers. It is made of injection-molded ABS; its smoother lines increase accuracy while reducing friction and performance loss. Originally designed for the Nerf Retaliator and Worker Prophecy P Short Dart Set, this PCAR is compatible with most 16mm outer diameter exposed metal barrels. It is also compatible with Worker's 19mm diameter decorative front muzzles.

• 4-line Injection-Molded PCAR
• Compatible with Nerf Retaliator with Worker Prophecy P Short Dart Set
• Also compatible with 16mm OD metal barrels
• Compatible with Worker 19mm decorative front muzzles

• Material: Injection-Molded Plastic (no strings)
• Weight: 15g
• SKU: W0254 
• Dimensions: 16mm ID; 19mm OD

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Customer Reviews

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Jonathan S.
Great scar

Work perfectly with fast shipping thanks

Thanks for taking the time to write a review. Did you intend to leave a 1-star? Your review sounded positive, so we're guessing this might have been a mistake.

Oscar S.

Worker Scar-like Barrel Tube for Short Darts (Retaliator / Prophecy)


Bought to use with my Mk 1.2, fits into it really nicely, and when I first installed the Scar it was relatively easy to pull out of the blaster. Helps a good amount with accuracy like advertised. unfortunately, now with the Scar barrel being in the blaster for about 1 week, its almost entirely stuck. Scar barrel also fits in Xshot longshot


Works perfectly, fits great


This Scar-like barrel really tightened up my groupings when I’m using a modified Xshot Pro Longshot! Kuryaka Barrel + K25 spring + Worker Scar + Aluminum Plunger tube from OOD coming soon = A very great time!