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Worker Stryfe Full-Auto Kit

Worker Stryfe Full-Auto Kit

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The Worker Stryfe Full-Auto Kit allows you to give your Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe a fully automatic option with a few simple mods.  Featuring a mess of kit parts listed below that help make your fully-auto Stryfe mod possible.


• Compatible with Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe
• Full-Auto Kit for Nerf Stryfe!

• Material: Multiple
• SKUW0321

• 1 x Trigger
• 1 x Push rod
• 4 x Micro switch
• 1 x Adjustable power step-down module
• 1 x Automatic speed box
• 1 x Wire package
• 1 x Speed box fixed
• 1 x Micro switch fixed
• 2 x 25PB screw
• 8 x 2.6 * 16PB screw
• 3 x 2.6 * 10KA screw
• 1 x Tension spring
• 1 x Spring
• 1 x Installation instructions
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Alice In Wonderland

Well it works, sort of, no thanks to the instructions. Wiring diagram is spot on and is the most useful, imho. My issue is the alignment. The pusher arm cog doesn’t grab the motors cog. Since the motor mounts on a fixed piece that is provided and the arm has a fixed path i am at a loss other than to potentially jam a shim between the motor and top of blaster. I am curious to hear from the works perfect folks and others with potential fixes. This seems to be an out of tolerance issue with the parts since there is filing req for the pusher arm post which again imho hurts the cog alignment. If either or both cogs had slightly longer teeth the problem would be solved at this. I would not recommend this for most people.

Jack S.

works perfect

Alan H.
Full auto kit

Before I do kick was pretty too easy to install. The directions are kind of weird but I didn't really go by the directions because I added a different motor setup so I had to run a dual mosfit fit.

Jeremy P.
Exactly as advertised, and I'll definitely order more for future builds

While the instructions could be a little better, the kit worked exactly as advertised. I used it in a knock-off Stryfe body and it was a phenomenal drop-in kit. Took my plain-Jane knock off mechanical pusher to a full auto monster. Couldn't be happier!

Rafi O.
Stryfe full auto

It was great but it sometimes doesn’t work well with nimh battery’s but I haven’t tested a lipo. Overall it is a good product.(lots of fun)