Worker Stryfe Full-Auto Kit
Worker Stryfe Full-Auto Kit

Worker Stryfe Full-Auto Kit

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The Worker Stryfe Full-Auto Kit allows you to give your Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe a fully automatic option with a few simple mods.  Featuring a mess of kit parts listed below that help make your fully-auto Stryfe mod possible.


-Compatible with Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe
-Full-Auto Kit for Nerf Stryfe!

-Multiple Materials
-Model:  W0321

1 x Trigger
1 x Push rod
4 x Micro switch
1 x Adjustable power step-down module
1 x Automatic speed box
1 x Wire package
1 x Speed box fixed
1 x Micro switch fixed
2 x 25PB screw
8 x 2.6 * 16PB screw
3 x 2.6 * 10KA screw
1 x Tension spring
1 x Spring
1 x Installation instructions

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