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Worker Stryfe Picatinny Set Adapter (Multiple Colors)

Worker Stryfe Picatinny Set Adapter (Multiple Colors)

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The Worker Stryfe Picatinny Base Set Adapter is compatible with the Nerf Stryfe blaster.  Includes top and side rail adapters and a picatinny base set for your Stryfe.  Blaster not included.

• Compatible with Nerf Stryfe blaster
• Multiple Colors
• Includes Top & Side Rail Adapters

• Material: ABS Plastic
• Weight: 81g
• Model: W0109
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Amy L.
Amy Lacy

My son bought these and he loved them!

Julio S.
A must if buying the vector

Work as intended. These pieces fit your stryfe flush and completes the vector body look

Brady R.
Edit to my Other Comment

The 27.9 Top Rail for the Stryfe requires no Dremeling of the stryfe at all! There is a cut out gap on one end of the pictinny rail and does not hit the built in pieces of side wall plastic on the original nerf rails! You can just slide it on and go!

Brady R.
Side and Top Rails

Alright, so I got this as I kept seeing the Kriss Vector Kit used by a lot of people and I know this goes along with that kit. It looks perfect like you would expect from all the images. If you want to get Picatinny Rails for the side pieces you will need to get the 5cm size from the posting here on OutofDarts for the Stryfe Picatinny Rail set as it will have the proper two screw holes that line up with the side panels.

As for the Top Rail Picatinny if you want to do some dremeling that you can use the 27.9cm rail sold in the other picatinny rail set OutofDarts sells. Judging from the length if you did not want to do any dremeling then getting a 22cm and a 3cm rail should fit on top of your Stryfe with the back end of your original nerf rail exposed. That is what I will be trying next.