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Worker Stryfe Short Dart Adapter Kit (For Flywheelers, No Mag Release)

Worker Stryfe Short Dart Adapter Kit (For Flywheelers, No Mag Release)

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The Worker Stryfe Stryfe Short Dart Adapter Kit is compatible with the Nerf Stryfe and Worker Swordfish and Dominator Blasters. This Pusher Rod magazine combination allows you to utilize long and short darts in these blasters.  Kit includes pusher rod, mag adapter and talon mag.  Talon 15-Round Magazine and Mag Adapter come in transparent color.

• Compatible with Nerf Stryfe and Worker Swordfish/Dominator
• Allows your blaster to be compatible with both long and short darts

• Material: Injection Molded PC Plastic
• Weight: 80g
• SKU3W-JY-W010

1x Pusher Rod
1x Magazine Adapter (Transparent)
1x Talon Mag (Transparent) 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

Since you can buy all these individually I'm refraining from rating it lower. The talons are definitely some top 3 best short dart magazines, the pusher is alright just needs a far trigger pull, but the mag adapter stinks. I was most excited for the adapter however the retention on the talon is too hard to where it pulls the whole adapter when reloading. Seems that no mag-release doesn't work as well so it's a shame this kit isn't sold with a mag-release version.

Great product

The adapter works great (sometimes a bit too great) and fits perfectly no need for cutting or ****.

Spyder T.
Fits amazingly, haven’t quite got it to work yet

So I put this thing in, and it didn’t work at first, but then I was told to cut out the notch or it won’t really work. I did that, and I still had the same issue that I had when I first put it in. I’ll keep working on it until it works, but it’s very durable, nice fit, reloading is very smooth, and the pusher works very well with my full length darts.

Joe l.

If you want your stride to shoot short darts that’s fine but the regular darts still shoot a lot harder than the shorts with this kit.

Ric B.

Christmas gift, have not given it yet